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Dual monitors with Quartz Extreme and 2 cards

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by eric_n_dfw, Nov 7, 2003.

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    Is anyone out there running a dual display Mac with an AGP 2x, Quartz Extreme and a PCI video card for the 2nd monitor.

    Just wondering how well the UI feels with one monitor getting QE acceleration and the other not.
  2. arn
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    It feels fine.

    No real issues and not real noticable _except_ with Expose. Expose is not really very usable with one screen non-QE and the other QE.

    I've ordered a card to get dual QE for my quicksilver as a result.

    But for day to day stuff otherwise, it's fine.

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    I've got a Radeon 8500 at home so both monitors get QE but here at work, my G4 500 has the original AGP Rage 128 card and a PCI Rage 128 card. My company won't buy me another video card since the only reason I have a Mac is because it would be collecting dust otherwise.

    <rant>(Never mind it's doing a better job for my Java development than my Win2K machine!) :rolleyes: </rant>

    So I'm thinking about pikcing up a cheap Radeon AGP card for $40 on eBay - it's not a dual monitor one though. I can buy a dual monitor nVidia card there for about $70 too. The question then is, is $30 extra bucks (plus an ADC-->VGA adapter) worth it for both displays to be QE accelerated?

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