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Dublin, Ireland

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by orangemacapple, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Directions to Dublin, Ireland
    go to Google maps (maps.google.com)

    enter your address (or zip code) for the start address
    enter Dublin, Ireland for the destination

    check out the turn somewhere around 15-30! (depends where you leave from)
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    yeah, I saw this on the news, crazy, but technically, it's accurate!
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    When someone drowns will google get sued?
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    Surely a Judge would need to consider that the victim should have exhibited a basic level of common sense before just following the online instructions.

    On the other hand, I never discount US lawyers from doing the impossible and milking a company for money somehow.
  5. JDN
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    Does it only work from the US? Whats so funny?
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    Has nobody ever heard of a FERRY? They're like this huge boat, which you park on, and it floats and goes places. Looks a little like this:
    NOT like this:

    You get them at Holyhead.
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    I think you guys need to do this:

    1. Go to Google Maps (not UK, .com).
    2. In 'Get Directions', put in 'From: New York' 'To: Dublin'
    3. Hit 'Get Directions' then look at Step 23.
  8. j26
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    It's a MUCH shorter swim to Kerry. No need to go through France at all.

    That'll keep the haters of cheese eating surrender monkeys happy.
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    Most people here only know Holywood.
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    Well it is in Wales, possibly the most uninhabitable place after Neptune...
  11. MRU



    Hey Banna Beach & Ballyhegiue are busy enough during the summer without a barage of sea monkeys washing up on the shores :D
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    Thomas Veil

    I think it's very clear what the directions ask you to do, and it has nothing to do with a ferry.

    Anyway, that's hilarious, and I've passed it on to some friends. Thanks for the laugh of the day, orangemacapple. :D
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    Well that's pretty much foils my plans.. How am I supposed to get there now if trusty google can't figure it out?
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    Looks like I had best get ready for quite the long swim. ;) :D

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    Nice! :p
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    haha this is funny; I have to do an economics report on why Dublin is becoming a place for new businesses; I'll have to mention their need to swim across the ocean if they are moving from the US.
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    Not sure if that will help or hurt your economics report Mr_Brightside_@. :p ;) :D

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