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duke headed for the top

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, May 23, 2002.

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    has anybody noticed that dukestreet is headed to the lead position in number of posts?

    in the first half of 2001, it was spikey, kela, and john123

    in the second half of 2001, it was me

    in the first half of 2002, it has been eyelikeart all the way

    but by the end of july sometime or perhaps a little later, the great dukestreet will run with the lead...at least that is my prediction

    where i was like a fast go cart, eye had a combustion engine, but with 11.36 posts a day over eye's average of 5.49 posts per day, duke is like a rocket engine headed for mars

    in the past, i thought it would be alphatech to catch eye, but now i think dukestreet will do it
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    duke's definitely been on a tear the last month or so...impressive, to say the least.:eek:
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    he'll catch him in no time.

    and i can tell eye's shaking in his boots. given some of his posts lately... so incoherent. he's just trying to keep pace! ha
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    it'll probably happen...

    I've had a lot of fun at this website...

    I've also been saying for a while now that someone will leave me in their dust...

    and it's looking like duke just may do it...he he he ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Oh the pressure! Now your going to see eye stay up all night and get in 200 posts a day to keep his lead. Silliness all around. I don't think it will happen, I'm going to have to work more soon so I'll be slowing down. And the post/day thing isn't very accurate in the short term, especially with eye being around for so long. He's been posting 60 or so a day at times.
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    Re: it'll probably happen...

    the first part of that post sounds like a retirement.....

    "it's been a lot of fun... but it's time to pass the baton onto the next group of posters...."

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    and you've been posting 60+ a day regularly.... :p :D :) ;)

    had to add the smiles for a bit of eyelikeart flava!

    if this keeps up, the campaign to save eyelikeart's top spot might start up!
  8. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    And you've been no slouch either. You've been posting like a madman lately, you unemployed silly student person. You're post/day are around 9.5 and you'll soon be at the M mark and passing mac15 and beej to make it to the top 10.
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    see that's the thing. i would say i AM a slouch... as you pointed out in your second sentence... hehe.

    once i get a job i'll post less yeah. i didn't know who was in the top 10. aren't there more than 10-15 1000s? oh wait, there was 10 before.. then mac15 joined? i forget.

    oh well, doesn't matter to me.

    i bet i'm the least well known near 1000 poster... i try not to make waves. or maybe i try to but fail. haha
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    Well, I was very silent for a while, but I have been a motor mouth here over the last month. I think someone will catch eye one day. Hey, look at the home run records. But they have both been on a tear, and with great posts by the way.

    Anyway, I have gone from like number 70 in posts to top 20 in less than a month, so look out guys, here I come. Until my wife sells the computers in a desperate attempt to regain control of her household ;)
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    Speaking of top 10 posters, where's mischief been lately?

    I recently passed him for the 5 spot...:D
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    One pie too many, I'm afraid... :D

    Anyone care to place bets? I'll put 20 credits down on dukestreet reaching #1 within 6 months. ;)
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    much less than 6 months i bet.

    i say... 2 months tops.

    what are "credits" per se? haha :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    You guys have nothing better to do?

    I don't think I'll ever catch eye, he's 500 post more than me, it just doesn't seem posible unless he goes on vacation for a month. Besides, its all silly and means absolutely nothing.

    So how many credits to I get if I 'fix' the bet?
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    you know me by not, of course i have better things to do. but so do most of the people here (including you sometimes i'm sure)....

    500 posts more than you? hmm... let's think about that. how far ahead of you was he a month ago? 1000? or more? 500 is nothing for you to make up.

    fixing the bet gets you banned. or so i heard. from.... eye... yeah, that's it. ha

    and if it means absolutely nothing, why do you EVER congratulate on post marks and stuff? it certainly says at least a bit... if only how much time someone has to spare.... :p

    still, what's a credit?

    that's it, i'm outta here!
  16. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Weird, I just thought it was polite, never really thought of that. Don't have much of an answer, actually. Why does anyone congratulate on reaching a post.

    500 is worthy, you get a 'tar, but other than that?
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    Think Star Wars... :::waves hand over you::: Credits... WILL... be fine. :D
  18. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, going to go see it tonight again for the second time. Can't wait! Its at a local theater that has a digital projection system, so digital movie, digital projector, I have no idea how it will compare, but it should be great.
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    i wish i could post more often...
    i think if i had a cable connection (and some more ram:D ) i'd post more often
    i find it tiring surfing the macrumors pages like this
    i usually have 5-12 different pages open at the same time with only 128 MB of ram ( yes...d@mn ! but that's how i work)

    by the way..
    how do you get posts per day?
  20. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Click on profile at the bottom of one of your posts and it takes you to your usercp, or you can hit that button at the top of the page.

    You're at 1.12 post/day
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    haha. outstanding!

    i'm hitting it up tonight. i've heard both good and bad... here's hoping
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    supposedly (according to ebert) the digital projection is much better... since the movie was done digitally this pretty much makes sense. why lose a generation by transferring it?...

    but let us know what you notice.

    too bad it costs so dang much for theaters to convert to digital projection.... if it were cheaper, it'd all be digital very soon... oh well
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    I'm begining to think that jelloshots wants to see me writhe in pain... :eek:
  24. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Give it time, eventually it will all be digital. The movie companies want it that way, think how much money they'll save by allowing the theaters to download the movies instead of having to deliver reels all over the world? Good time to invest in movie technology companies.....
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    oh come on now. i hate to see you not putting in tons of smileys...... why do you think that???
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