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Duped into buying flashed 9800 pro :-(

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Spht, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Okay, my Radeon 9000 blew up in my Quicksilver, so I decided to buy a 9800 Pro. However, all the retail stores were sold out for a couple weeks and I really needed my computer back, so I jumped on ebay and found a card and bought it. I get the card and it works fine so I'm happy. Then I go to update the rom to get any new features ATI shoved into the firmware and alas, the Rom Updater doesn't recognize my card. I do some digging and find out that the Card ID is actually for a standard PC 9800 Pro card eventhough the ROM ID matches the Mac rom info.

    So after that whole thing, does anyone here have a 9800 Pro updated to the latest rom that they'd be willing to dump to a file and email to me so I can update my card?

    P.S. Is there a way to find out if the card is running in AGP 2x or 4x mode? I'm just paranoid now that the guy who sold it to me screwed up and has the card in 2x mode when my mobo has support for 4x.
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    for 2x/4x mode it would just have the 4x/8x voltage blocked but still have the 2x/4x enabled it's probably in 4x mode as it's 2x/4x if you really paranoid you could make it an 8x/4x card by removeing the tape on some of the connectors take the tape off and it will force it into 4x/8x mode in which it can auto switch, the seller puts the tape on so the card will work on 2x agp macs.

    contact the seller and ask him if the card has a 64kb rom or a 128kb rom if ti's 64kb you cant update the rom with the updater, if it is 128kb you could though i'm not sure how, i would not bother and jsut get a program called radeon enabler which just unlocks all the mad features with no nead to update the rom.

    can you take a picture of the card so i can tell what card it is?
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    wow that sucks. Just another case of ebay screwing somebody. Guys all becareful ordering hardware off ebay. I would most likely advise against it unless you can't find any where else. Good luck with this man.
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    I think eBay is degrading fast! I don't trust buying anything worth anything on eBay. I'll stick to silly, cheap purchases. The only thing I've ever bought over $50 on eBay was an Atari 2600. :rolleyes:
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    it dose not suck, he got a radeon 9800 cheaply that works what sucks about that, he can just use radeon enabler to get the same features as the official mac card.
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    The only feature he doesn't have is display rotation... I don't see what the big deal here is...
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    there are hardware overrides ect, so you can have mad effects in games that dont support them.
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    Actual Type Of Card

    I used the ATI card identifier (my digi cam is being retarded and not working) and identified via the BIOS and the Card ID so hopefully this will help tell what card it is (I think it's a retail ATI card for PCs just flashed for a Mac)

    This is what I get when I look up the BIOS:
    RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB MAC Edition
    113A07525114 (ROM listed in System Profiler)

    And this is what I get when I look up the Card ID on the barcode on the back of the card:
    RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB V-VO-DI
    102A0753700 (Card ID on the back of the card)
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    Unless I'm mistaken, the new ATI Overrides will work on any ATI card, regardless of whether or not it has the firmware update. This is especially true because all 9800's have built in support for FSAA and AF, but not all had support for VersaVision (ATI's display rotation).
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    it works and that is what matters, it is a flashed pc card but so what they tend to be of better quality as mac cards get all the reject ati cores

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