Duplicate albums in iCloud

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    So, I had 1 song already in iTunes from an album that I purchased from the iTunes store.

    I started using iTunes match yesterday.

    Today I bought the rest of said album from the Amazon mp3 store

    When it was added to iTunes it showed 2 copies of the album because the album name was slightly different from amazon.

    I changed the album names so that all songs showed in 1 album (the way it should be)

    Then I sent the album to iCloud and it matched it

    Now on all my iDevices and my Apple TV shows 3 copies of that album (1 copy has only the song originally purchased through iTunes. And 2 copies with all the songs). iTunes only shows the 1 copy

    I had iTunes scan my library for iTunes Match again but it still shows the 3 copies on all my iDevices and my Apple TV.

    How do I fix this?

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