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DV Camcorder on a budget

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by shu82, Oct 2, 2007.

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    First off, I have a new baby coming. I need the best camcorder I can get for under $300. I have been looking around and a few cannons on newegg have sounded good. Here is what I need:

    -no dvd recorder (tape or hd or even SD card please)
    -works good with imovie 06 (08 down the line)
    -ok at low light
    -looks good on an HDTV (retail SD DVDs still look awsome to me)

    Thats all I really care about.
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    I got a Panasonic NV-GS55 about two years ago for the birth of my boy, that was £200 (about $300?) and probably old technology now.

    I didn't fancy a DVD camera since I wanted to use iMovie, so it's miniDV. It's got a built in SD card for still pictures but to be honest it isn't much cop, you're much better off with a stills camera.

    DV out plugs straight into Firewire. DV In was important to me to dump data off the computer back onto the tape.

    However you will find that despite all your good intentions, you will not have any time to edit the films and send DVDs to your folks. Hello sleepless nights!
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    I can't find that particular model anymore, but I have been leaning to tape.

    As for editing, I probably will just chop off the start and the finish. (Keeping everything but me turning it on and whenever he starts crying;)) Then burning a DVD to mail to the folks. Nothing big. I just want widescreen because they just got a 50" plasma.

    I am needing to pull the trigger soon, so any current specials are much appreciated.
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    Almost the same camera, but with a smaller 1/6in imager vs the 1/5in. of the elura. Yes, it was discontinued ~July, and canon never replaced the model. Look for the ZR850 on camcorderinfo.com it should be good if they say so.

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