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DVD burn speed does not change

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by krysant, Jan 24, 2005.

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    I got a problem with my superdrive. I just got new iBook a month ago and started backing up my dvds.
    My mac should burn dvd upto 4x, but whatever I chose (I tried best, 1x, 2x), it takes 30 min to burn 1 disc, which is 2x.
    Does anybody know why?
    I am using Mac the Ripper and Popcorn. Is this a software problem?
    I also tried “Disc Utilities” to burn dvd. This time, “burn options” was dimmed and I could not change the speed at all.
    I used 8x and 4x DVD-R discs. I thought burning time should change between 4x, 2x, and 1x.

    The reason I wanted to burn slow is because the movie is skipping/jumping. I read some recommendations that it’s better to burn slow.
    If anybody can help me here, please!
    Thanks :)
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    High x-rates for optical disk burning are equal parts technical advancement and hype. These drives have variable burn rates which choose the fastest safe speed for each area of the disk. The spindle and edge of optical disks have substantially different top limits. Total burn time is dominated by the time required to burn the unaccelerated areas.
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    So, does this mean I can't change the burn speed of the SuperDrive in my eMac? Or if I can, where do I set it?
    Sometimes, DVD's come out seeming OK, but when playing back on a regular commercial DVD player, it "stutters" or stalls & skips on playback (although not always in the same place). I thought perhaps a slower burn rate would ensure a cleaner data transfer. I suppose it could also be a flakey DVD player.

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    The point that I was trying to make is that 16x doesn't mean the whole CD will be burned at twice as fast as it would be in an 8x drive. Over most of the disk, the 16x drive will burn at the same rate as the 8x drive. You will get 16x over a small area of the CD where the 8x drive has maxed-out. Your overall speed improvement will be small, perhaps too small to notice. If you browse the websites of optical disk accelerator vendors, you will see that data integrity is a major issue. "It just works" is the byword of Macs. Making coasters is not what Apple has in mind. As for stutters, stalls, and skips, they are probably more a function of the technology than anything else. My rather expensive DVD-recorder suffers these problems toward the end of three-hour commercially-recorded DVDs.
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    Well, and I'm different thatn most, I suspect. I don't want to speed up the DVD burn... I want to slow it down (under the assumption that it would be less error prone. Since I set up the encode/burn cycle when I go to bed, I don't care if it takes an additional 30 minutes to burn. I just want it accurate.
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    I am in the same situation!!
    As recommended in other threads, I also tried to use a better media, Verbatim(first, I used cheap ones).
    Some improved by using this media, but I am still getting a same result for some others. I don't know why.
    Does anybody know the absolute solution for this problem? Or more tips to get the good results consistently?
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    I use Toast Titanium 5. I can control the burn speed there....

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