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dvd burner

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by hockey6773, Aug 24, 2001.

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    Does anyone know about a ibook coming out with a dvd-burner
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    doubtfull. A dvd-r is a professional product aimed at professionals. That is not the ibook's territory. Not only that...but getting one to fit in a laptop isn't going to happen for a while.

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    Professional product aimed at professionals? Apparently you've not seen the new quicksilver commercial with the newlyweds making a video to send to thier parents on DVD. That's marketing squarely to consumers.
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    Actually I have seen it. And I am going by the Apple sourced material that I learn to become the Apple Product Professional that I am and follow the guidelines they tell me that the g4 desktop line as a whole is based for consumers AND creative professionals alike, but the higher end models (that include the DVD-R) are mainly for the pros. That's why they offer models without a DVD-R. I feel that the commercial is mainly to show the few consumers that do have buttloads of cash that apple has created a DVD-R that is available to them, but Apple expects most of its DVD-R customers to be professionals. You rarely see commercials that come out and say "to all of you pros out there...get this!!" The pros know what is going on in their business and with technology...and don't rely on commercials to tell them. The commercial wasn't directly for professionals, it was for the large-walleted (is that a word??) consumer. This doesn't mean though that the DVD-R is not meant mostly for pros.

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    nice one.

    Well said ptrauber, the pros know the industry and what they need. Commercials hardly influence them. AND WHAT I DONT UNDERSTAND IS.....why the heck is everyone so badly wanting a CD Burner or DVD burner in built in a Ti2 revision or in an i-book. CAnt one just buy an external USB one??
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    Kela doesn't own a PowerBook....

    Kela, you must not own a PowerBook.

    First off, you simply don't buy a USB burner. You buy a FireWire burner for obvious reasons. If you had a choice and you bought a USB burner, you'd be a moron...this really isn't a debatable point.

    Second, one of the great things of having a portable computer is just that -- it's *PORTABLE*. When I fly back and forth between cities, the last thing in the world I want to do is find room in my TravelPro for a burner (if you take a suitcase, which many people who fly a lot for short trips don't, you don't want to put your burner in it as we have all seen how checked baggage gets thrown around). For me, the tradeoff is the burner vs the comfortable pair of shoes. I really look forward to the day when I can bring my shoes along. PowerBook G4 revision, I await thee!
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    shut up

    you are wrong john.
    Some things you just dont need for a portable.
    and anywayz, why the hell would you want to burn a CD on the move or in a cafe???
    why dont you just go home to burn a cd and then take it with you when you go out.

    [Edited by spikey on 08-27-2001 at 11:16 AM]
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    oooooOOOOOOoooooo moody, chill out dude. since when did i flame u?
    i said in my opinion u r wrong.

    just sit back in ur cafe with ur portable while thinking about ur multiple homes which no doubt have mutiple bedrooms for multiple orgasms..... have a coffee and a fag, and relax
    enjoy urself mate, enjoy ur mac, and enjoy the forum, forget ur worries and enjoy debating :)
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    let's not start this again guys ok?

    There are multiple advantages to having a cdburner in a portable, and there are different advantages for a dvd player. I happen to not need DVD in my portable (it would suck the battery too much) so I'd rather have a cdburner or at least a combo drive.

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    DVD Burning on Ti

    I have to chime in favor of a DVD-R (better yet, the SuperDrive) on the Titanium. If Ti had this option, it would be the perfect computer...that said, it looks as if it isn't possible for two reasons. First, as stated above, battery drain is a problem. Second, the heat generated burning DVDs makes it almost impossible to enclose the drive in such a confined, unvented casing. Looks as if I need a second job to by both desktop and portable Macs!
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    John123, my friend. I have a question for you. Namely, do you have a snake in your ass? WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS INSULTING PEOPLE DURING DEBATES. In your last post you called me a MORON. If you are a professional, (i assume you are an adult and are above 25), why do you act like a child?

    1) I OWN A POWERBOOK (lombard without firewire)

    2) I know the advanteges of firewire, its just that as spikey said, why the heck would you want to burn dvds on a 3-4 hour flight? Just because Apple sais so?

    Dont assume things you dont know about me ok?

    - Kela

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    masturbation station

    Yeah, john was acting like a nobhead.
    im a student.... but i dont use that as an excuse to wank like a monkey in a zoo, i take time to look for my orgasms.
    So maybe u should rethink what mental age u need to act Mr "im john and can count 1,2,3 huhuhuhuh".
    However If u r stressed out or in the dumps then i can accept it.

    Anywayz, enough about that subject and on with the convo. I dont know much about the drives in portables but i suppose if there was a DVD-R or woteva wouldnt it make it a hell of alot heavier?
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    u r stupid

    [please use more appropriate language]

    [Edited by arn on 09-06-2001 at 12:19 AM]
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    please listen

    "John123" you stupid Beeeyyatch!! THIS CAME RIGHT OUT OF YOUR POST.

    "When I fly back and forth between cities, the last thing in the world I want to do is find room in my TravelPro for a burner"

    So I assumed that a dumbass like you would be reffering to burning dvds or cds while in the flight with an inbuilt combo drive, correct?? Beaaaatch!!

    SO DONT TELL ME HOW TO READ. AND DO "NOT" tell me to acquire
    an education like yours since all I see coming out of you is miseducation and illcommunication.

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    i suppose he could go by chopper, hmm still a flight.
    just run on top of a reversible sedgewick
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    wot u on about community college?
    look u **** up, sum of us cant afford to go to private skool, or university or woteva harvard might be.
    i went to a community technology college and i got all passes.
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    (i am john and i can count 1,2,3 huhuhuhuhu)

    ****ing dickhead
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    Oh no!!

    John123, you are from Harvard? So this is the kind of trash harvard produces? Or were you thrown out? Since, I doubt anyone from the Harvard Club would use "Moron" or "Idiot" in almost every sentence of theirs. And may I ask you a question, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT I AM NOT GOING TO A GOOD COLLEGE YOU STUPID BITCH??

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    u suck cock

    and u need skills to socialize??? HAHAHA it just comes naturally to me.

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    I dont believe ur parents wasted an orgasm in making you.

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    Re: u suck cock

    I think that spikey's mommy and daddy should ground him and not let him play with his Mac Plus for a week!
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    john123--> i agree

    yes i do
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    So youre from Harvard?

    So John, you are from Harvard club right? And your posts are so eloquent and filled with factual information right?

    what was the neccessity of this post then?

    "spikey, my dog is smarter than you, and it's been dead for 5 years now."

    See, since you are from Harvard, you have NO sense of Humor. SO I am aware that,that was a desperate attempt to be funny. But let analyze this statement. So, you had a dog and you say it is smarter than Spikey right? You use the presentense as in it IS smart. Yet foolishly (and non Harvard like) you go on to mention that it HAS been dead for the past 5 years. I feel that you may be having some skizophrenic moments here as you yourself dont know if your dog is dead or alive. Also, I dont even know if you are making a totally irrelevant statement. "spikey, my dog is smarter than you." SO your dogs name was spikey and is dead???. PLease think more clearly in the future.
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    Re: Oh no!!

    you are writing things that would write only 12 yr old kids..
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    Re: So youre from Harvard?

    actually i think that was very funny
    and you kela,are analyizing that...god.. how stupid kids live on this planet
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    Bad English again. Im starting to think that you run a Nordic Star Trek website!! How cute.
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    so tell m

    So tell me Megaquad, or can I call you Bruno? How fast is the internet access in Zagreb?
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