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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by LookinLow, Oct 24, 2004.

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    I am looking to buy an external DVD burner. I have come across two that look kinda nice. I didn't know what I would need. I just want one that gets the job done right with good quality and is cheap.

    This is the first one:Sony DRX700UL External Double Layer DVD+RW Drive

    The second one is:Sony DRX-530UL External DVD+RW Drive

    What is the difference in Double Layer and not double layer?

    If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Also if you can suggest some others that is fine. Thanks
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    Dual Layer Burners can burn to dual layer disks. DL disks can hold almost twice as much as their 4.5GB single layer counterparts. DL allows you to back up DVD's that you own with out compression becuase most commercial DVD's are dual layers.
    The down side to DL burners is that the disks are pretty expensive now (about $20 per disk) but that price will come down eventually as it did for CD-R's and blank DVD's
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    I recommend the LaCie double-layer burner. It comes with Toast Titanium and has gotten good reviews. I intend to buy one shortly.

    Of course, I assume you want a burner for a Mac. The Sonys are fine for Windows, but don't come with much (any?) software (or drivers?) for OS X.

    Double layer drives can write to the new (and expensive as of now) 8.5GB DVDs as wellas to the standard (much cheaper) 4.7GB ones. Nice for the future, probably not all that useful today.

    Edit: the post above makes my double layer comments redundant....
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    Go with LaCia they are the best.

    I always get external DVD burners, i have had lots of problems internal ones. I have a LAN and all the PC's have external DVD/CD-RW.
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    Don't get the +

    Get one that can do the '-' ones as well...

    e.g. DVD-R or DVD-RW

    It may be more versatile if it can burn both types of disks.
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    BTW, contrary to the initial description on the above links to the Sony burners, they both do the '-' formats as well.

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