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Dvd Burning from mac to windows.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by crazysaxchris, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Ok, well I'm thinking of getting an G3 600 mhz, I want to do a little video editing on it, but it doesn't have the proper dvd-rw drive. I was wondering if i could send the IMOVIE file to a Windows Xp computer with a dvd burner. ( USING A WIRELESS NETWORK) I really want to do it but don't want to waist the time and money for the Macs own dvd burner. Before you give me grief on doing video editing I know it will be SOO SLOW, but who cares! :D But if I did that would I still be able to get the wonderful guide through menus IDVD uses?
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    Will iDVD even run on a G3? (Mmm, guess it will according to the requirements, although it's going to be SLOW mastering a disc).

    The answer to what I think you're asking is, if you're going to buy iLife '05, yes. iDVD 5 has the option of creating a disk image instead of burning a disc directly, and you can then transfer that disc image to another computer and burn it there. Pretty sure earlier versions of iDVD won't do that, though, so make sure you've got the latest, and you'll need a burning app that recognizes the image format used (.img disk image, whatever that is).

    Two additional caveats: if you have no built-in DVD burner in the Mac, it's not going to want to install iDVD, and in fact, iDVD only ships on a DVD, so if you don't have at least a DVD-ROM, it'll be impossible to install it. If you do have a DVD-ROM but no DVD burner on the Mac you're probably going to have to do a bit of poking around on the install disc to get it on there.

    Final question: With brand-new, top of the line DVD burners going for under $50, why wouldn't you just buy one to pop in the Mac if you're getting one anyway? It'd save time over transferring a several gigabyte file over a wireless network, at least.
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    What he said...

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    Don't think so

    I don't think you can. Unless Easy CD/DVD Creator 7.5 (I think that's the new version) will recognize .img files. Version 6 doesn't. I tried it.
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    Yeah, I've never known a Windows app to recognize .img files either, but perhaps newer versions do...

    Hey Ninja Guidan, is your username a variation of the old Nintendo game? Obviously you have spelled it differently, but phonetically it's close! :D
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    I tried to do this once a long time ago with DVD Studio Pro when the computer's burner went on the fritz. No windows burners can read .dmg but you can change a mac image over to an .iso in disk utility using some arcane rename thing. I don't remember where I found how to do it, but it wasn't worth the hassle. It worked, but it took forever to do all the steps to get on DVD.

    Just get an external DVD burner and have at it. They are pretty cheap.

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