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DVD Burning!!! YIKES!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fredbloggs, Jul 10, 2003.

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    Ok...I'm using a MAC OS 9 trying to copy DVDs that have already been authored by myself. When I put the original DVD in the computer, it reads is as a DVD, AND as data files. I successfully dragged the data files into TOAST to burn the new DVD, but TOAST will not recognize my blank media. This is the first time I have ever tried to burn a DVD. The actual burner is a Pioneer retrofit (a third party drive), and I have heard that Apple programs will only recognize Apple media from Apple-installed drives. Is that true? If it is, what can I do to burn DVDs with my current setup - with the least amount of expensive upgrading? Thanks!!
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    The latest version of Toast should be able to burn DVDs. Not sure if it does in Mac OS 9 though. There is also Charismac CD/DVD Creator which you can use or Apple's DVD Studio Pro.
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    Did you upgrade your firmware? The Pioneer drives have to have the latest firmware to be able to burn to 4x DVDs, which I presume you're trying to use.... here's the Apple page about it... There's also a link to it on the bottom of the Apple main page.

    Hope that works.

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    Toast Titanium 5.2 definitely burns DVD's, I use it all the time, have you extracted both Audio and Video TS folders? Are you using DVD+r not DVD-r discs?

    Does Toast see the drive?
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    Are you sure you can use DVD Studio Pro? My understanding is that it will create the files that you need, but that you must use a different software to actually burn the files to DVD.
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    HI there. Thanks for your reply. Yes, both audio and video are selected. I am using DVD-R discs. But still, Toast sees the drive, but doesn't seem to recognize it as something it can burn onto. Maybe that means it doens't really 'see it'. I don't know...
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    Nothing about needing additional software in my manual, then again I have yet to burn my first DVD with it since I am waiting on getting enough money scrounged for a G5. Encoding MPEG2s takes too long on my Flat Panel iMac 800 Mhz.
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    DVD studio Pro lets you do both. You can build a disc to a Video TS folder and then use Toast et al to burn the disc, or you can build and format the disc directly from DVDSP. I think both DVDSP and iDVD need a superdrive or Apple certified burner.


    How did you extract the info from your disc? it may not be valid info for the burn
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    Sounds like you have a media problem then, Apple drives recognise lots of different brands, not just Apple, try TDK blue lable "For Authoring", they are pricey, buut have never failed for me.
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    Toast used to have a problem recognizing a drive if to many drive extensions. Remove all of the drive extensions except for the ones that you need. Toast usually loads in all sorts of extensions when it is installed on a Mac. Also, there once was a problem with Toast not recognizing a drive if a certain kind of Floppy driver was loaded. The non-patch solution was to have a set of extensions for burning and a set of extensions (with floppy) for everything else. I never experienced this problem, but it was with a USB CD burner. My WACOM tablet also had issues with the floppy extension, leading me to believe that it was either a bad driver, or a problem with the O.S.
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    Hello everyone. thanks for all of your helpful tips! The problem is now finally solved and I am hapilly burning my DVDs. Thank you.
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    Post the solution for thoes who search the board.
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    the solution

    We solved the problem by switching the drives. the computer was only reading the apple install - not the dvd burner which was a retrofit. so we just put the retrofitted drive into the slot for the apple install and it works now - believe it or not! oh and make sure that all optical drives are in cable select mode (using the jumper).

    that is all

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