DVD copying (legal & permitted) - a simple way?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by sandman42, May 25, 2005.

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    I need to make copies of a DVD for work. It is not copyrighted, nor region-coded, and I have complete permission to do it. I don't need to 'break' the DVD -- as far as I know it's not copy protected in any way.

    Is there a simple way to do this? I don't suppose it could be as simple as creating a disk image, then 'restoring' the source DVD to the image using Disk Utility, then using the image as a master for the subsequent copies, could it?

    I've searched the forums, but most of the discussion seems to be caught up in getting around copy protection (and why you shouldn't), etc. None of this is an issue for me, as this is NOT a commercial DVD. The contents of the DVD are solely owned by my work and they have *asked* me to copy the disk for them.
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    Im pretty sure that you can just drag the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders off the DVD and onto your desktop and then burn those to a DVD.
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    That works for me when I copy DVD's of my own work. Or if you have Toast you can use that to copy the DVD.

    If you are going to need to do it on a regular basis you can buy stand alone DVD/CD copying stations (basically 8x DVD burners strapped together w/a basic interface).

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    Well if its in an office and you use windows, I reccomend "DVD Shrink," a freeware applica tion for WinXP.

    Shrink Steps:
    1) Read DVD
    2) Remove copyright protection and allows you to skip through FBI warnings, etc.
    3) Allows you to remove parts of the DVD you won't need, like languages
    4) Shrinks the DVD from 9 GBs to 4.6 GBs without any noticable quality loss (unless its a really big screen)
    5) Able to burn it

    FOR A MAC:

    I have no clue, but Googling the internet, the chances of finding a similar program for free are very, VERY slim...

    For the first time ever, I'm kind of happy I own a Windows PC.
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    Well, since its for work, maybe they won't mind putting up $50.00 for Roxio's Popcorn. It does it for you, and if you need it to fit on one DVD, it compresses it for you.
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    personally i use MacTheRipper to rip the DVD and then DVD2oneX to encode it down to 4.7GB (or whatever size you fancy) and then just burn it in Toast as a UDF disk.

    but yeah, if it's got no copy protection then you should just be able to use Toast to do a DVD copy. don't bother about messing about with copying the Video_TS folder to your HD, just do a straight copy. :)
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    You should just be able to burn the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files in Toast or Popcorn. If not, use a tool like MacTheRipper first to rip off any copyrighting. Also, if you need to shrink the DVD down, use DVD2OneX.

    I think ffmpegx might do the trick too, but I've never got into that one as I never found it to be very intuitive and user-friendly, at least not as much as these other apps. Perhaps I just need to give it more of a chance...
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    Can I do the Burn with the stock burn software in the Mac. What I mean is do I need to have Toast to do this type of burn or buy any type of burning software to do this or am I all set with the burn software that came with my Mac.
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    Rod Rod

    Yes, use Disk Utility to create an image file (not compressed, cd/dvd master). Then use Disk Utility to burn that onto a blank disc.
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    You think owning a Windows PC is free? I'd much rather pay for Popcorn, although if you don't need to recode the content, you don't need that, either, as posted above. I rip DVDs and burn them routinely, and I find it to be a much more reliable operation on a Mac vs a Wintel box.
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    Yep, Disk Utility is your friend! :cool:
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    I have just use MTR to rip a DVD and now I only have VIDEO_TS
    Where is the AUDIO_TS?
    I chose Main Feature Extraction to keep the files under 4.7GB. Should I have done Full Disc Extraction?
    I don't have Popcorn, how do I burn it onto a DVD?
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    Rod Rod

    Without Popcorn, well you could use Toast. Here are the steps: select "data," select "UDF," drag in your VIDEO_TS folder, create an empty AUDIO_TS folder, and name your disc. Then hit burn.

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