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DVD Digital Copy list?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by LeahM, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Can anyone list all the available DVDs that come with a Digital Copy? Or know where I can find such a list?
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    I would like to know this as well
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    I know:

    Family Guy: Blue Harvest

    has a digital copy included
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    I also hear Hitman has a digital copy.

    I saw some at Walmart but they were old movies that I've never heard of.

    Alien Vs. Predator
    I Am Legend
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    I was excited to find out that Juno would include a digital copy... I was planning on purchasing the movie, so this would be a good opportunity to try out the digital copy system. It's too bad there is a premium to get this digital copy. At Best Buy the 1 disk Juno was $16, 2 disks with digital copy was $23, or Blu-Ray with digital copy for $30. I don't know about others, but I'll save the $7 and use HandBrake to get Juno onto the computer.

    Apple now has a page for the digital download: http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/digitalcopy/
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    I am legend is not the officail itunes copy thats the older windows media player only type copy but yes so far the list is

    Family guy blue harvest
    Alvin and the chimpmunks movie
    AVP 2
    Jumper "coming soon"
    Rambo"coming soon"
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    Speaking of...

    Is there anyway to use the "I Am Legend" copy on a Mac?

    I can use my wife's windows laptop to get the digital copy, but is there anything I can do with it after that to get it on the Mac?

    ...or should I just use Handbrake and/or Mac The Ripper?

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    It appears that the iTunes Digital Copy feature works both for standard DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. But Mac computers are not equipped with Blu-Ray players. Further, many of us who have been renting HD movies on our Apple TVs don’t have a Blu-Ray Player, so, if it’s even possible, what is involved in getting a digital copy of a Blu-Ray disk into iTunes and Apple TV?
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    I think they come on a separate DVD Gwsat.
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    Thanks, that makes sense. I might buy one or two in the interest of science. If I do, I'll report what I think.
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    I have the Family Guy-Blue Harvest. It has a separate disc that is basicly a user interface that lets you download the digital copy from itunes. I think I actually moved a copy of it to another 'authorized' computer.
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    I’ve done some research trying to find out if the digital copies of Blu-Ray movies are also HD, as the HD rentals available on Apple TV are. I could not find a definitive answer. If the digital copies of even movies you buy in Blu-Ray are nonetheless 640x480 SD, then Digital Copy doesn’t interest me. Does anybody know what the answer is?
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    Since Blu-Ray burner drive alone can be bought for under $300, Blu-Ray readers should be fairly cheap, just install it in a 5.25" enclosure.

    However if you want to back up the disk, you still need windows tool such as AnyDVD.
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    I don't want a Blu-Ray player but I might be interested in a Digital Copy of an HD movie for iTunes and my Apple TV if I could get it by buying the Blu-Ray disk. My question is whether the Digital Copy of a movie, which one can get by buying the Blu-Ray disk is also in HD. If its not, I wouldn't want it. In short, I wouldn't want the Digital Copy as a backup but because I could watch it in HD on my Apple TV.
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    It come on a separate DVD I think so it will be SD
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    No, it wouldn't be compatible with iPods if it were in HD.
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    That's what it sounds like to me, too. This means that the only HD option for the Apple TV probably is going to remain the overpriced HD rentals, which I have found myself becoming less and less interested in. I am getting a lot more good out of my Apple TV by using Handbrake to rip my 480p DVDs and copy them to iTunes than I ever did from HD rentals. They look great, just as good as they look on my upconverting DVD player, and that's very good.
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    I actually just found out how to handbreak :) Has anyone used a digital copy? and how long does it take to upload?
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    Upload what are you on, It's on a disc to it should take 5 Minutes to transfer to PC/Mac.
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    Do you know for sure? Have you brought it from your disc to your mac? I'm looking for an answer from someone who has tried it. Because handbreaking it takes like 3 hours. So I thought, does the digital copy take just as long?
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    3 hours that's a rip and encode have you tried using MacTheRipper then handraking it time should be reduced to 30 Mins/1 Hr.

    No I haven't tried it but my mate has and he said it doesn't take long defo shorter than 3 Hours.
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    No... the file is already encoded on the disc. Takes about 5 minutes to transfer.
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    I was reading threads on MacTheRipper vs Handbreak and it made me think that they do entirely different things. Alot of people suggested using handbreak AND mactheripper. So will mactheripper do the same thing that handbreak does?
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    Thought so

    No you rip the disc with MacTheRipper and then you encode with Handbreak, This way is quicker as you can rip loads of movies then cue them up in Handbreak over night to encode.

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