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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jpzoo, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Just bought a LaCie Dual Layer D2 burner and did a test last night. Burnt and verified data successfully. Then tried the newly burnt DVD in my G5 with super drive and it wasn't recognised. Popped it in my TI Powerbook 800 and worked fine. Then my trusty old G4 400, and again worked fine. The media was Verbatim DVD+R DL.

    Am I missing something obvious here. I thought the older machines might have trouble recognising the DL technology, but I didn't think my new G5 would be the odd one out.

    PS I hope I've posted this query in the right area.
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    I do not know what could cause the problem you're having........but I'm glad you posted it. I'm probably going to buy a dual-layer burner soon and it's a battle b/t the LaCie you mentioned and the Formac Devideon 16x DL. Any info I hear about these will help me with my purchase. I would think that the G5 would recognize this disk before any of the others would....that worries me b/c one of my computers is a G5. Just out of curiosity, which Mac did you have the burner plugged into?
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    I bought the LaCie d2 16x dual layer and love it. $199 including Toast 6 Titanium. I've had no problems reading the DVD-R's I've burned in my dual-2 Rev A G5 [edit: I mean reading in my G5 the DVD-Rs I burned in the LaCie]; haven't tried DVD+Rs. I love the d2, though, and it fits nicely into the LaCie rack with my two other d2 drives (external HDs).
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    The burner is plugged into the G4 400 as it is acting as our server with other external d2 drives. Used Toast to burn.

    Still scratching my head!
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    I think it might be the DVD+R format. Maybe. I say that only because the -R format works fine, and I don't think +R is, technically, supported.
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    i'm presuming that you have an Pioneer 8x Superdrive, in your G5, right? If you do then all you have to do to try and fix this is look for the firmware update that is for you drive on Pioneer's site: Pioneer DVD Writer Firmware Updates .

    You will have to check the version version of your drive first to make sure that it is the most recent. Second, in order to do the firmware update, you will need to uninstall the drive from your G5; and then install it in a PC to install the update. Yes, i know it is a pain; i have done it three, or four, times on my G4 (i have the pioneer 8x DVR-107D Superdrive).

    Some of the older Superdrives that were shipped with the G4's (the DVR-104, and i think the DVR-103) had Apple (Mac) Updates, as noted here: Pioneer/Apple Updaters .

    Hope that helps.
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    Does anyone know if the Matshita Superdrives (in the PowerBooks and iMac G5's) will read DVD+R's?
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    No you don't. You can re-flash the Pioneer drive on your Mac. Do a google on flashit_kit_2. I have a PM G5 2x2.5 GHz, and I've already flashed my DVR-107D with the latest Pioneer firmware which was patched for 12x ripping and region free. Works great!!
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    I meant to add that 10.3.6 adds a bunch of DL support for all the iLife apps, etc.
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    will have to try that next time thanks dave!
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    You may also be interested in this link: http://flashman.rpc1.org/
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    Can you burn DL from iLife? did you have to use patchburn?
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    Good question. I'd like to know this too. What about DVDSP and dual-layer....can you build DVD's that will burn to dual-layer (over 2 hours)?
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    regardless if you have a DVD -/+ DVD burned it should work since all DVD ROM drives will read it. It is possible you have not burnt it correctly. Did you burn it in UDF format or something else?

    Second Tiger and iLife 05 will support ,multi-layer and format discs. Plus I would not be surprised the SuperDrive will become a SuperMultiDrive next year. Considering dual-layer was only recently released and will work with most DVD ROM drives. might need a firmware update that is only in a remote case.

    Remember that the DVD has single layer, dual-layer, single layer both sides and dual-layer both sides for a total of ~17Gigs of Optical Storage. Only problem is dual-layer DVD discs are harder to manufacture than the hardware.

    Blu-Ray will be introduced later 2005, given that there will be no slow downs with the MPAA and other factors since HD-DVD is already slated for release in notebooks in late 2005 christmas.

    hmm this is neat indeed 2006 will bring in dual-core chips (hoping), dual-layer and dual-sided Optical media. :)
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    If you do and it will not burn to a 8.5Gig DVD you can always use Roxio Popcorn and bring it down to 4.7Gig DVD media. :)
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    my eMac crashed...

    Hey guys..
    just want to let you know...

    I bought a DVD dual burner Pioneer DVR-108 last months ago. And suddenly last week my eMac 700 Mhz Combo crashed.

    So when I was trying to boot an OS Panther onto my eMac,it didn't worked out. It failed. I guess even if we flash the hardware with PatchBurn3 or whatever,when it crahsed, the media will not work anymore.It's useless...

    Anyone knows how to fix this problem. (My original Combod drive as Apple shipped is screwed up forever..)..??
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    Have you tried Zapping the PRAM, etc.... or it could just be a 10.3.6 update flaw.

    And you can also try to update your drives firmware.
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    zapping the PRAM?

    "Have you tried Zapping the PRAM, etc.... or it could just be a 10.3.6 update flaw.

    And you can also try to update your drives firmware."

    -What's with 'zapping the PRAM' ?
    - Yep..I have flash the firmware from PC right before I install it internally.

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