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DVD Playback on iBook FRUSTRATING!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by deral, Dec 19, 2004.

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    hi. i got an ibook g3, and it has a combo drive on it. For a while, I noticed that a DVD would start skipping and playback would be choppy always at the middle of the DVD (could that be the drive having a hard time with the lens at that position), and then suddenly, the Combo Drive starts making loud noises, like someone opening the zipper on a tent back and forth. When this happens, the whole computer seems to be stuck on that, since I can't click on anything else, or quit the DVD Player program

    So basically, my problem is DVD playback stops functioning towards the middle of any DVD (even new DVDs). Am i alone?
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    Are these dual-layer disks or does it do it on plain ones as well?
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    both types i tried. tragic.
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    I had one of those iBooks and the DVDs played fine. It is possible the drive itself is either dirty or damaged.
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    DVD player gets really buggy after waking from sleep on my book. plus you can see lines, which i think are from the interlaced video, but i wouldnt know anything about that.
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    I sounds like its having a hard time reading the disk. I know all my drives make that noise when they are trying to play a dvd that is scratched.
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    I have a ibook g3 700mhz 256 mb ram and dvd's play fine on my computer. I only had problems once and right after that my logic board went out!!
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    i have a powerbook g3 400, and had the same thing happen with mine.
    i'd get to points on the DVD (not necessarily the middle) and the whole system would lock up after the DVD player clicked and seeked for a few seconds.

    turns out it was dirty rental DVDs, as some of them did the same thing in my standalone DVD player. it's jackasses not taking care of the DVDs.
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    thanks, but i'm guessing it's somethign to do wit mah DVD reader, since the skipping even happens to brand new DVDs right out of the box.

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