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dvd to ipod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by volsfan, May 24, 2008.

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    I know fox or some other company now puts directions on how to do this in their dvds . I do not like handbrake. Does anyone know what fox says to do or a nice dvd to ipod thing?
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    Handbrake is it buddy. If you don't know how to use it right I suggest reading the help file, or ask a more specific question.
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    I know one company puts iTunes codes on their DVDs so you can download a copy of the movie from iTunes for free.

    And no company would put instructions on conversion because that would mean decrypting CSS and that's the last thing the studios want.
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    I agree with Handbrake. However, sometimes I've directly ripped DVD's to the MP4 format and iPod won't recongize them. I normally rip as AVI's and convert to MP4 using VisualHub (which is great, but not free.)
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    You will need to use two programs

    1. Mac the ripper to decrypt the DVD you're putting onto your iPod =
    2. iSquint(to convert the decrypted "source" video into a format that will play on your iPod).

    Both are free and easy to use

    If you are Mac user, I know iSkysoft iPod Movie Converter for Mac is free this month.
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    You are free to do what you want, but I would not recommend this process to anyone. It takes way longer and you are compressing the video twice which results in a greater quality loss when compared to going from DVD straight to MP4.

    OP, can I ask what you don't like about handbrake as it really is the gold standard for this sort of thing?

    But, if you are dead set against handbrake, then I second the Mac The Ripper to rip the DVD and iSquint (which is a free single purpose component of Visual Hub) to convert to MP4.
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    yup double conversion is pointless.
    handbrake is the way to go. it is multithreaded and has quality options galore. you can get sweet quality from handbrake encodes at good speed. no need for avi conversion in between.

    on pc the decyrpters to use are anydvd or dvdfab

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