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DVD to MPEG-2 - how?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Apple!Freak, Aug 23, 2005.

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    I want to take a DVD movie and make it a MPEG-2 file. How can I do this? When I look in the DVD's contents it shows a folder entitled VIDEO_TS with 33 files inside. It plays with the Mac DVD Player, but how do I get it into a single MPEG-2 file?

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    Has it been de-crypted? If so, you can bring it into MPEG Streamclip (freeware) that allows you to convert it to DV for editing or MPEG2 for additional processing.
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    How do you de-crypte it?
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    Okay, I downloaded a DVD Decryption program, although, it's saying it's going to take another hour and 20 minutes to process! How can I make this take more like 10 minutes per DVD? I'm trying to store my DVD library on my computer. Any ideas?
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    LOL i always get a kick out of people who have no idea what MPEG2 is.

    its a VERY VERY CPU intensive compression method. It takes a LONG time to make anything MPEG2 (compared to making something 3ivx etc) its just the nature of the beast.

    As for taking a DVD off the shelf at Best Buy and bringing it home to edit the videos on the DVD... thats not going to take 10 minutes. Thats a laughable amount of time for video work of any kind.

    VIDEO_TS is a folder containing .VOB and .BUP files etc. This is part of the DVD Video standard that lets you play this DVD on any DVD player.

    To take that VIDEO_TS folder and make it BACK into the original videos is not easy. YOu have to decrypt the .VOB files one at a time, and then you should have MPEG2 files. That will take some time.

    What do you want to do with the MPEG2 files? The only thing that can play them without rendering is DVDSP (quicktime and FCP can play them, but its so slow to load etc) If you want to edit the MPEG2 file, you are out of luck if speed is key.

    Video is not a quick thing, ever. It takes time to shoot, time to capture, time to edit, time to render, time to encode and time to burn. You can do any of those steps in under 10min (unless its a 30s file...)
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    I understand what your saying. It took me over an hour to decrypte one DVD, and even then it really didn't work.

    I'm looking to get the .VOB files in MPEG2 format so I can transfer them to my TiVo (only accepts MPEG2) and then in doing so, use my TiVo as my DVD Movie jukebox.

    Is there any possible way to make this a 20min per DVD process? Above that it's really not practical for a 50 DVD collection.
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    Sdashiki pretty much told it like it is. Decripting DVDs will not be a short process. It is the nature of the beast. About the only suggestion I have to shorten the process is to get the fastest Mac you can but you are still looking at a process that will take you longer than 20 minutes per DVD to accomplish.
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    err.. um..

    i can decode (rip) a dvd (full lenght) with mac the ripper in about 20 minutes on my powerbook...
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    As much as I LOVE my mac, Windows is still better for doing this stuff.

    I typically can rip a full dual-layer DVD (around 6-7 gigs of video) in less than 12 minutes. That will rip it directly into the mpeg2 and ac3 streams. Mux them together and life is great!
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    changing video_ts to mpeg

    I want to change a video_ts file to mpeg, for viewing on my ipod etc,

    What program do I use to do this?
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    iPods don't play mpeg video. If you want a tool to rip a move and output it in an iPod format check out Instant Handbrake.
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    Well, a bunch of "clever" boys here (specially mr. Sadanshiki), but no answers to your question. Here it goes, just rip the chapters you want using MacTheRipper and the rename the .vob files to .mpg. That's it folks.

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