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DVDs - HB Preset

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GarrettL1979, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I've been using the HB ATV3 preset for blu rays which has worked great. I tried using the same preset for a DVD the other day and noticed a little bit of judder. Not unwatchable, but not ideal either.

    Should the ATV3 setting be used in HB for DVDs, or should i select a different one?
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    I've been using the preset for both dvd and BR and have not noticed anything.
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    Make sure you are using 0.9.8 which among other things fixes a pfr bug that was present in 0.9.7 which may rear its ugly head on a dvd.
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    i always use ATV2 settings for SD DVDs just because i dont see the need for 1080p settings for a DVD that is nowhere near 1080p and im sure the ATV3 will make the file larger too again for no added value
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    Um, no it shouldn't. The atv 3 preset *allows* for up to 1080p. that said if the source is less it will stick to the source max, which in the case of standard dvds is 480p. b-adapt 2 in the atv 3 preset should keep file sizes the same or smaller. The rf values are the same for each (20) .
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    so are you saying i will achieve better quality for SD DVDs using ATV3 preset than ATV2 preset?

    or are you correcting my thought that the ATV3 preset will make the files size larger than ATV2 preset
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    My understanding is that it shouldn't make any difference.


    p.s. thanks for the help!

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