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DVD's to Apple TV

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kjdenison, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I'm interested in knowing what people are using to compress their dvd's to put them into itunes for use on ipods and apple tv. Handbrake doesn't seem to create files the right size. I also have visual hub, but it doesn't seem to be compressing the videos in the same way as apple does through their store. Let me know!
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    Handbrake. Make it MPEG-4, and set the bitrate to 2000 or lower.
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    You won't get 720p through Handbrake though.
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    How about visualhub? Also if you are going from a dvd it would be worthless to do 720p wouldn't it? since dvd's are at 480. I have been doing h.264, AAC, 640xwhatever and the files come out between 1-2GB a piece. I think this might be the sweet spot for now, what do you think?
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    You won't get 720p from a DVD either....

    Personally I'm waiting for QT8/iTunes 7.1 whatever it is that's supposed to ship with Leopard and/or aTV since it';ll supposedly support subtitles and I'm hootked on closed captions and it'll probably have an "Export to aTV" setting...

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    Thats a good idea to wait. I am up in the air a bit because i have a crap load of stuff to convert and I would like to have it ready by the time apple tv/leopard comes out. Where did you hear the rumblings about QT8 from?
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    The Leopard preview.

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    What part of the preview? I hadn't noticed anything about quicktime or itunes. I was kinda thinking last night, itunes isn't really itunes anymore. It's more like imedia, music is only one aspect of itunes anymore. I wonder if they will be changing the name, or if they have too much invested in it already?
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    Maybe I'm a noob, but I use Roxio Popcorn and set the output to 'high quality tv'. I get a perfect 640x480 mp4 movie. That's probably not equal to 480p, but hell I haven't got a HDtv, and won't have one in the near furture while I just spend part of my savings on an AppleTV.

    Second, Popcorn can also export to H264 at the same settings. Output file size seems to be equal. What's the best output format for tv viewing?
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    Does AppleTV only support certain resolutions? I've been ripping them at the default resolution in HandBrake, is this going to work?
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    You won't get 720p because the DVD doesn't have 720p in the first place.
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    Apple TV - Tech specs is still the most authoritative source of information until trustworthy sources actually receive and test the product.

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