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DVR finally coming to AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by red41, Nov 21, 2007.

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    interesting. Something to keep an eye on. Not getting hopes up though.
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    Yep. Maybe some "Tivo" like features for the AppleTV. That'd be pretty banging, even more so if it took Cable Cards and coaxial input :p
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    also this might open up adding external harddrives? or they could be hoping that the 160g version sold better. either way, it could be a bonus.
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    I personally find the AppleTV pointless without cablebox/DVR functionality.
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    I would buy one in a second if it had a DVR anywhere near as good as Tivo... Heres to hoping!
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    It would be a nice middle finger to NBC.
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    sorry, you cant buy nbc shows, but you can download em for free!

    syncing back to computer and putting shows on your ipod would be the best, although i would buy a 160 GB in a heartbeat even if it couldnt sync back
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    For me the best development I think they should do is

    AppleTV + Mac Mini + AEB = In AppleTV size, and Mac Mini height. For Mac mini price.
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    I'm hoping when they do this they do it right....

    It needs to support not only cable card but IP TV as well as the possible inclusion of a way to use it with satellite networks with HD.

    The only way I would accept otherwise is if apple starts giving me HD downloads in at LEAST 720p and gives me a way to get my NBC fix on.

    I would love to see a DVR option for this. It's what I've been waiting on for the appleTV.
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    This, btw, is why I believe we'll never see DVR functionality build in to the aTV - everyone has different expectations of what *needs* to be there, 'or I won't buy it'. It's pretty hard to accommodate everyone on the market...

    And I could be wrong, but I don't think we'll see any sort of unified standard popping up that would allow a single input to cater to most user's DVR wants (aside from recording off of a component input, or the like, so long as there's no HDCP)...
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    Kind of an interesting take on things.

    I think tuaw had reported this yesterday. Funny to see it removed so quickly.

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