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Ear piece sucks - What to get?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Compatiblepoker, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Those ear pieces that come with the stock nano are horendous. At least for me it feels like im sticking a refrigerator in my ear.

    What are the better style ear phones to get for the nano?
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    Umm, yeah, you can use any speaker you want to really. You're not limited to the ones that come with the ipod. If you've used others or have others, try 'em. I noticed my right ear piece is starting to go bad. :(
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    Ick. You can buy a new ipod for that money. Ughh!!! :eek:

    Sorry, I've been known to go out and buy incredibly expensive things during periods of emotional angst, but that one!!! :eek: Forget about it.

    These are okay.

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    That link wasn't working. Im assuming they were the $150+ ones though. IF they were waterproof that might be worth it.

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