Earbud suggestions $40-50?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Vikinguy, Oct 24, 2007.

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    I would like to get the best ear buds for under sixty bucks. Could someone please give some suggestions? I've been looking around Amazon and it seems Sony has a ton in this price range. Which are the best? Any other brand suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    i've been using the Sony MDR EX71 earbuds for years and love them. I've been thinking of investing in an expensive pair but then think really i'm happy with these. they are on amazon for under 40 now.
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    sennheiser CX300. no question about it.

    regardless of price or anything else you may consider, these are the best.

    oh and dont even dream of getting apple's in-ear buds
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    Sennheiser PX 100, they are headphones not ear buds but the quality is great! I got them for £50 from the Apple Store.
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    Sennheiser CX300 just got them and they are totally awesome and don't fall out if I bat an eyelash (like the apple ones did).
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    If you like some bass with your music, I would suggest getting V-moda bass Freq. I have them and they sound great. I also have the V-moda Vibe. This is a little more expensive but I think that it's worth it.
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    no the bass on the sennheiser is awesome...
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    I ordered the Sennheiser's from amazon (silver) for 38 bucks. Solid deal?
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    eBay has it for $17-$21 including shipping. That makes me feel better because I know they're trying to trick me with the inflated shipping cost, and not with the actual product.

    Therefore, thanks for doing the research for me, guys. ;)

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    Man, I can' t wait to hear these things.
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    OMG, I can't believe there are actually fake earbuds! People these days will try to fake anything now, huh.

    BTW, it looks pretty hard to tell the difference..since the pics are so small.

    Also, do the real ones have rubber wires? I read that they do and they make a lot of noise if you wiggle the wire.
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    My sennheiser's are terrific. I really like them a lot. Overall, they sound amazing.
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    Since there are a lot of fake ones on ebay, can you guys help me find a reliable place that has them for a good price?

    either them or the Etymotic ER-6i.
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    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 3 Are amazing!

    I bought mine on Amazon but I've seen them elsewhere for 50-75 bucks. Read the reviews. For the money NOTHING comes close.

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    I've gone through soooooooo many earbuds searching for the perfect pair. They never seem to fit right and the bass always suffers. I've tried $200 shures, $50 sonys, and $150 Bose. In the end, I have discovered that nothing compares to the comfortable fit, decent sound, awesome style, and great value of the stock Apple earbuds. If you buy some foam covers to put over them, they fit very well and sound great. I think they are worth way more than the $30 Apple charges. But that's just me.... Earbuds are a very personal thing and one may not work well for everyone.

    As a sidenote, I have heard great things about those UltimateEars
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    I'm undoubtedly alone here...

    But I'm a big fan of the Apple in-ear headphones. Granted, my hearing is probably not very acute, and apparently my ears are shaped abnormally (ie: they fit me perfectly). But the price is low enough, and they really take a beating. This pair was purchased with a green iPod Mini which has long since passed on.

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