Early Hands-On Impression and Overview of Retina MacBook Pro

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    With Apple's new "Next Generation MacBook Pro" being the headliner in terms of new hardware introduction at WWDC, there is obviously considerable interest in how the new model compares with the previous design, which continues to be offered in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes.

    Engadget posts a brief hands-on with the new MacBook Pro fresh out of the box, showing how much slimmer the new form factor is than the standard MacBook Pro.
    The Next Generation MacBook Pro is currently available only as 15-inch model and is available starting at $2199.

    Update: The Verge has also posted a gallery of hands-on photos of the new MacBook Pro.

    Article Link: Early Hands-On Impression and Overview of Retina MacBook Pro
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    My heart says yes, but my mind says no.
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    Beat me to it. I was going to post this.
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    That's my feelings.
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    Already have my order in! Doesn't ship for 5-7 days though :(
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    looks great!
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    i always LOL at people taking pics with their iPad like that, it looks hilarious.
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    Oh.... My.... God...

    This laptop is everything I REALLY wanted.... Just not the pricing of it...
  9. Radio, Jun 11, 2012
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    I expect to see poor college kids with $2000+ macbook pros at Starbucks soon browsing for jobs.

    The world we live in lol
  10. dlimes13, Jun 11, 2012
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    It may be retina, but isn't it still a 1440x900 workspace?

    I stand corrected, it's not and you can scale it to pretty much whatever. Still no excuse for soldered SSD/RAM and a "PRO" machine.
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    Looks great but besides the retina display I am not sure if its that big of an improvement. Looking at the video - for sure it is thinner but not changing the world type of thinner and of course this can be achieved by dropping the ODD and HDD - not exactly rocket science.
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    I always find it humorous when people take photos with their iPad like those two people on the pic. I saw some folks recording an airshow I was at a few weeks ago with an iPad, and couldn't help but laugh. At least one guy brought along a DSLR.
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    my heart says yes, wallet says yes, but wife says no...:mad:
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    Hey look! People are taking pictures with their iPads! I thought no one did that!

    You know, as one of loathed by everybody prosumer high end hobbyist types, I'm finding this new Macbook Pro to be about perfect for me. It's thin, light, snazzy, and yeah...I'm a sucker for some high DPI displays.

    Hell, now I wish I waited for this instead of getting an iPad.
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    what about 13 inch?

    apple doesn't mention anything about the 13 inch ;:mad:
    is it coming soon or what!!!!!!!
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    Worst. Hands-on video. Ever.
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    He is correct.
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    Yup, it does appear that way.
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    How many seconds to 100° C?

    My MacBook is hitting 5 years old. I am going to need to find a replacement from someone. I will keep the MacBook just to use Pages and Keynote '06 and as a file server. Still, no one deserves my money.
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    Does anyone else think it's strange that this new MacBook has no MacBook Pro badge/title beneath the screen on the bezel unlike every other one on the market?
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    3.541 seconds. 6.423 seconds to flash fry your cods.

    You don't want to use this laptop on your lap, that's for sure.
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    wait... no more 17 inch MBP??? :eek:
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    stop the scratching!

    Will someone tell the engadget guy to NEVER, EVER, scratch two macbooks against each other like in this video?
    I can feel it down my spine!
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    After the ridiculously small Mac Pro update I couldn't care less.

    What's the problem? Wouldn't you like it to be able to fry eggs on the go? ;)

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