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Early iPhone Prototype Resembles Latest iPhone 5 Part Leaks

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 26, 2012.

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    As we noted, The Verge has come across a number of photos of iPhone prototypes in court documents related to Apple's lawsuit with Samsung. One of the early prototype images seemed particularly familiar to us.

    This two-tone design with a central aluminum backing looks like an early version of the rumored next-generation iPhone:


    On the right is a prototype iPhone design posted by the Verge. The image on the left is a rendering of the next generation iPhone by Blackpool Creative. The rendering was based on leaked parts of the upcoming iPhone. The parts were also shown on video here:

    Similar parts have been circulating for a couple of months now. One early report described it as such:
    It seems possible that the new iPhone has evolved from some of the early Apple prototyping of possible designs.

    Article Link: Early iPhone Prototype Resembles Latest iPhone 5 Part Leaks
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    The leaked iPhone 5 parts definitely look better though.
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    Looks nice…I guess. Apple needs to do better.
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    My credit card's ready
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    but sadly this.

    I'm just not ready to switch to Android, no matter how lackluster the next iPhone is turning out to be.
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    "No headphone port, but where is it?!"
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    What happened with "teardrop" design ?
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    The design is very sleek. However, I'm looking at screen size and power under the hood.
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    Howard Ellacott

    Maybe that's a prototype iPhone 4 that Apple's stuck put onto the rumour mill to build suspense, and the real thing is actually totally different and much better!! That would be brilliant.
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    soooooo 2008...
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    Yeah, I think it looks sleek...as in sleek to look at, but still uncomfortable to hold in your hand when you are...making a call.
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    I'm not denying it.
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    I like the "iPhone 5" renders much more than the actual leak you see in the video. While I still believe it's not a big design change, I'm beginning to like the "iPhone 5" design more and more.
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    Simplicity, it's rolling in a grave somewhere dead. I don't understand the allure of these multi-color designs. Just give us a solid color on the backplate, please.
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    Anyone notice macrumors just regurgitating the same thing over and over again ?

    Every time a publication says something unverifiable it's a headline.

    This is going to be a painful few months til launch day.
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    it hurts
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    It's not multicolored, it's a material change. And who says it's not without a purpose? We just don't know yet. Just sayin.
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    I have to agrees...

    The iPhone 4 is just so tired looking anymore and the interface needs an update, badly. I went to the Razor Maxx but even that was lackluster in my tastes. Sure, it was fast and the LTE was amazing but I absolutely hate Motoblur (or whatever it is called). If all Apple did was extend the length and keep the same basic design for the next iPhone, I'm going to Android when the HTC Incridble 4G is released.

    Anther thing is that Android has had speech to text/search and turn by turn GPS since the original Dorid. Apple is way behind and the iPhone 4 won't even get those features even though it is more than capable to handle it. Talk all you want but iOS is just as fragmented as Android.
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    Ugly as F.
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    And this one looks like the iPhone 4:

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    I have an original iPhone, and I still have to check every time which end is which when I want to put it in its power cradle. Sheesh! Make it VISIBLE guys!
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    So cool, seeing all these product concepts and iterations we wouldn't be able to see otherwise. :)

    I guess fierce patent litigation also has positive side effects :p
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    what is this? a gameboy?

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