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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ryan.stewie, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I need a new pair of earphones, really soon. I've been through 2 pairs of standard Apple headphones in the last 8 months and they have both absolutely fallen to bits, I'm still using them, even though the caps keep falling off and the left earphone constantly drops out (which I fix by banging it ). I need a new pair of headphones that are strong enough to last longer than 4 months and can withstand a school bag. Also, is there anything you guys recommend that I can do to protect my headphones better?
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    You could protect them better by looking after them.

    Get a case or something, or a the very least don't just throw them naked into the bag.
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    er6i by etymotic. highly regarded as an excellent step up from stock headphones. The ear tips are comfortable and replaceable

    but since you mentioned "school bag" i will also say that since these are "isolation" headphones that you should be careful with these if you walk around with these in your ears. you might not hear cars coming towards you

    and you should have more respect for your own belongings.
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    Thanks for the reccommendations, although I cant afford $300 earphones. But I cant help but feel that you were being quite "snappy" and "rude" towards me,
    FYI, I take great care in my belongings, It is rude of you to assume that I dont just because a crappy, poorly built pair of box-in earphones fall apart. they just always seem to fall apart because they do get knocked around in my school bag, and I always pause music when crossing roads or in any important/potentially dangerous area. I'll look into headphone cases. Thanks, but you didnt have to be rude about it.
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    it was not my intention to come across as condescending.

    the isolation headphones like the er6i are completely different from any stock headphones. They literally block out the world, even with the music at a low volume. It was a shock to me when I wore them for the first time. I would warn ANYONE about the dangers of isolation headphones. I just remember seeing many students wearing headphones. it wasn't meant as a personal attack when I talked about not hearing cars. You can't even hear people standing behind you talking.

    Also, since I haven't used apple's stock headphones, I don't know the durability, but i've used the same headphones for the past 3 years or so. Durability was never an issue for me.

    er6i are more reasonable in price. they are about $60-80 depending on how patient and lucky you are with amazon.com

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