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Easier way to import album art?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by thadchr, Oct 24, 2005.

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    This may sound petty, but with 400-some albums, I'm finding that it's a major pain to highlight each album and drag a picture into the album artwork box. I have pictures of all my album artwork saved in a folder with each album, but for some reason iTunes won't allow the artwork to transfer in with the songs. Is there a way around the old drag-and-drop?
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    I had a program once that went through and automatically got all of the album art for every album, the only problem is that on more obscure albums it made mistakes and got the wrong art, so going back to fix it was just as much work as it would have been to drag and drop the art from Amazon or whatever.
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    You don't happen to know the program do you... just for kicks if it doesn't work well?
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    I went to this VersionTracker and can't find any program called clutter. Does anyone have a link?
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    any program for Windows XP?
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    ew, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little...

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    Although I don't think (could be wrong) it's fully automatic. You have to go through each album and click "add art". But it gets the art automatically from amazon, and you can confirm it's the right cover before adding.
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    Day late

    I went through and did this last night. Spent over 5 hours dragging and dropping in album artwork from amazon. Now that it's up to date I can't imagine it'll be that big of a problem.
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    Can you use Clutter to import all album art at one time or do you have to play each song and then import it?
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    I use clutter
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    Unless you have thousands of albumns, why not just drag and drop? By the time you get done finding and testing all the options it might have been quicker.
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    I used clutter for a while until it applied one particular album art to loads of different albums for some reason :mad: Still haven't got round to sorting it out yet!

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    on a related note

    Does importing the album covers take up a great deal of space? For instance, I drug in some 400x400 .jpgs does iTunes parry it down to a smaller file size when it cuts down the size of the actual .jpg?
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    As far as I have been able to tell it includes the file verbatim, i.e. if you make it a 1MB image, the file size goes up by 1M. I just tried it. I added a 720kB image to a 10.3MB file and the file grew to 11.4 MB! :eek:

    I try to keep my images to ~50KB.

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    Try http://www.zeleksoftware.com/index.htm

    it works great on mac & XP

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