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Ebay powerbook scam?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by imassageu, Aug 15, 2003.

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    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it is a scam. Please, there is no way you would put a buy now price of $1k on a 17" PB, and have 59 available :rolleyes:
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    wooo!! more PowerBook 17" scams!

    it says that other online payment sites are accepted, so you might as well just buy like 3 or something, then say that you'll use and escrow service recommended by eBay.

    most scammers say that they'll use an escrow service, then they lead you to some fake escrow site. make sure you only use a site that is mentioned on the eBay site, or one that you know for sure is a reputable escrow service.

    have fun messing with this guys mind, but don't keep your hopes up for getting a PowerBook out of this.
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    Due to my eternal optimism, I am always hoping that things like this turn out not to be scams, but rather a hijacked account (not that the later is necessarily better). Checking the seller's 100% positive feedback, I figured that this was the case. However, all of those feedback responses where transactions where he bought, not sold.

    Stay away.
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    so... are we going to have a thread like this every day?

    1. obvious scam. if you can't see it, and have to ask, you shouldn't be let loose on ebay (at least with any money).

    2. multiple, multiple threads on this already.

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    It seems the item has been removed. SCAM REVEALED!


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    Jerry Spoon

    Just a rule of thumb here....

    Have we ever seen a post on macrumors where someone asked, "is this a scam" and the majority or even a sizable minority responded, "NO!! Looks great! Go for it!"

    People need to follow their gut a little more. If it looks too good to be true...it probably is. I'm sure we've all heard that little saying before.

    You can find good deals on eBay, but people don't give stuff away for goodness sake.
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    AHHHH. this is getting so annoying. "hey guys, this guy on ebay told me if i write gullable on my forhead he will send me a free powerbook, sounds to good to be true, oh yeah, he also wants the money send western union, what do you guys think." ENOUGH with the ebay threads ahhhhhh.

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    is there anything you can do if you think it is a scam, or do you have to lose money first, then report it as fraud?
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    Email from the Seller

    I emailed this idiot and asked how I knew that he was legit (just for fun.) Here is what he wrote:

    You can be the customer of my item only if you agree our terms.

    We have stock clearing sale more than 10 items ready now for delivery.
    Shipping charges inside USA is $25 via UPS.
    You can BUY RIGHT NOW without BUY IT NOW option. Please order from us
    directly here.

    The item is Brand New under USA warranty. I'm a sample reseller in NYC area,

    We will ship the merchandise usually via UPS but optional you could chose
    another shipment method like FEDEX or DHL. In this time all our items are
    already stored at warenhouse near UPS ready for delivery after the payment
    is completed.

    Payment must be done in advanced by:
    1. Bank wire transfer from your bank account to our bank account on USA.
    2. Wire transfer through Western Union. Not bid-pay.

    About payment fees i will suport all western union and you will deduct it
    from the total amount you have to pay. You will send the remaining amount +
    $25 UPS shipping fess.

    We will send you the item via UPS and I'll email you the UPS tracking number
    after we will receive the payment.

    I'll wait for your shipping address and your receiver name.

    Thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you,
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    scammers will always just keep giving you the run around when you ask them stuff like that.

    if you want to keep emailing and see where it goes, just tell him something like "I will ONLY deal with you through an escrow service." then if he replys the same just say something along the lines of "If you don't want to deal through an escrow service, STOP wasting my time."

    but i just wouldn't reply. genuine sellers will usually give their phone number and want to speak to you. just give up and keep looking for a real deal.
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    Definitely not going to respond. I've done over 1000 transactions in the past two years, I know scams right away. I was trying to show others the kind of crap that is on Ebay. It is 99% safe when you use common sense.
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    There was a Yahoo! auction scam a while back, someone would contact you with a powerbook for sale, and insist you use one specific escrow service. I did some digging, and the registration went back to a video rental store... as did several other shady-looking escrow services in this little ring. So i called the local FBI office, and they begrudgingly took my complaint, even tho i didn't lose any money... i gave them every bit of info, including the scammer's full name and address, and he kind of blew me off... "the LA office probably already has a file on this".

    It was gone within a couple of weeks tho...


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