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EBay question

Discussion in 'Community' started by mrjamin, Jun 9, 2003.

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    What kind of time of day do you expect ebay gets the most traffic?

    I'm selling something that i want to go for the best price possibly (obviously!), and in past experience, i've found that auctions rocket up in the last hour of the auction, so i'm thinking that if i set an item to end at a high-traffic time, it'll go up more towards the end. So yeah, any ideas?

    I'm thinking around 8pm. Anyone disagree?


    PS - i hit 'tar status today, woohoo!
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    Really, to guestimate it with any accuracy without seeing the real numbers ebay has, you have to consider international time zones, you'd have to decide what time of day for each respective time zone, then pick the time zone that you think contains the most potential eBay buyers.

    i guess what i'm saying is that there's so much room for error here, without actually getting the figures from eBay, it's a crapshoot.

    But in your geographic area, mid to late evening would probably be best...

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    it's a toughie. while that timezone point is valid, do you really want to ship an item overseas? it's more hassle, i always go by my time, taking into account the three hours for the west coast. i always time it to end during the day, a lot of people have better access to the internet whilst at work, faster connections etc. sunday afternoon/evening is always a good time too i reckon....
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    I always liked sunday around 10 my time. (CST) That means 11pm on the East Coast and 8 on the west. I have only sold about 5 things, but I like my logic. :D

    Edit: Which is strikingly similar to evoluzione... :D
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    nope, uk only so we're all the same time zone.

    gonna stick to 8pm(ish) i think
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    i've sold hundreds of information packets on eBay and the best time is definetaly the evening i would have it clsoe at liek midnight....that way it passes the rush hours all over the US

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