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Echo while recording vocals

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by JoeLouis, Dec 15, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently switched from:

    Pro Tools 24 Mix - Apogee AD 8000 - Yamaha 02R console, to
    Pro Tools LE - Mbox2 Pro - Yamaha MG 24/14FX console.

    I did the setup the same way as the old one, and everythings’s working fine, except that the vocals now sound with a sort of short echo through the headphone, as well as in the monitors, although it isn’t recorded, just monitored. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance
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    what's your playback engine in protools setup as?
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    What's your buffer size?
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    is Low Latency Monitoring enabled?
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    Thanks everybody. Zimv20, you were right: enable low monitoring latency. It fixed the problem. I'm new with PTLE and I didn't know about this.

    Drumjim85 and pKoch1, the H/W Buffer size is 512 samples and the DAE Playback Buffer is 1500 ms, Level 2. Are these parameters OK to work?

    Thanks again:D
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    Yeah, those settings should work. Just remember: lower Buffer Size = less latency. 512 samples is about 10ms of delay at a sample rate of 48k.

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