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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by BoyBach, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Edge has finally published it's Top 100 games of all time with 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' being voted the number one game of all time.

    The Top Ten:
    1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2. Resident Evil 4
    3. Super Mario 64
    4. Half Life 2
    5. Super Mario World
    6. Zelda: A Link to the Past
    7. Halo: Combat Evolved
    8. Final Fantasy XII
    9. Tetris
    10. Super Metroid

    Edge Magazine Link

    BBC News Link

    Let the debate begin.
  2. MRU


    Read this on BBC news earlier.

    Of course were going to have to stump up £10 or €17 to find out the other 90 :rolleyes: :)
  3. Retired


    I will be buying Edge tomorrow...as always...

    But! Halo above Halo2?
    And no Mario Kart 64 in the top ten!
    I wonder where Diddy Kong will come in the list...

    I am loving Sixtyforce, and the N64 was my firs console at age 6. I got the PS2 on release day, XBOX around a year after it came out and XBOX 360 on release day. The only portable consoles I have had are the Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance.
  4. MRU


    This is not in the July issue. I have that. This is going to be a special edition magazine release hence the higher price tag from the usual £4 to £10 ;)

    As they would say in the Catherine Tate Show. "£10 for a load of recycled articles and a readers poll listing.. The dirty robbing ba***rds..."
  5. Retired


    Damn...I meant I always buy it when I see something interesting...I'm not spending my money on that!

    And Tate, eeeuuuuurrrrrrgggghhhhh!
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    Can't fault that list at all. To be honest I thought they would have Prime up there, this only gets me more excited for Super Metroid :D

    7/10 on Nintendo systems.
    5/10 Nintendo exclusives.
    None from this gen, 2/10 from last gen.
    3 RPGs, 2 FPS, 1 puzzle.

    Story was dead in Halo 2.
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    I'm just getting into RES 4 on the Wii, but really don't see anything that would make it the number 2 game of all time...especially above others. Am excited to get deeper in and find out if there really is something special to the game...

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    I'm at the end of it. Definitely one of the best games ever.

    I'm surprised at not seeing Final Fantasy VII on there. I think it should take XII's spot. :D
  9. MRU


    It was probably just a missprint on the BBC page. I think it probably was VII but a typo got in there. We will see when edge special editon gets released.
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    I totally missed that! I thought it was FF7. It must be FF7.
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    Edge recently voted Final Fantasy XII the game of the year so it probably isn't a typo.
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    the list is made through reader feedback so of course totally based towards recent games

    half life 2 but no half life 1 ? fail
    halo beating tetris ? fail...
    no civilization 2 ? fail
    Super Mario World instead of Super Mario 3 ? fail
    final fantasy xii instead of 7 or 8 ?
    resident evil 4 ? while fantastic it does by no means deserve the 2. spot... fail
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    Resident Evil 4 is not the #2 best game, that is for damn sure.
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    So why do I have to pay money to look at a list now :( I wonder where Diablo 2 ranked? Best RPG game ever.
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    Hard to argue with that list, but i would have put GTA high up on the list (probably top ten)
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    Wow, that's pretty bad. :rolleyes:
    FFXII was a good game, but nowhere as near as good as VII. It shows when the price of VII hits $100 nowadays.
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    Really? I have a FFVII with guide and memory card with a save right after the death of someone special ;) maybe I should check out ebay...

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    He talks about games standing the test of time, and then puts a Final Fantasy that's a year old? You have to give things time to settle before they're eligible for an all time list, whether it games or movies or music, etc.

    That being said, I bought a Wii two weeks ago, and all I've been using this high-tech, motion sensing, next-gen device for is to play Super Mario World, so I have no problem with that being on the list. Now just tell me what Toejam and Earl placed at.
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    I hold KOTOR above any finalfantasy bs. FF 6 was vastly superior to 7.
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    The complete list

    Yes, I spent a tenner on it. (But then I do own every Edge Magazine, it's my one vice!)

    1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2. Resident Evil 4
    3. Super Mario 64
    4. Half Life 2
    5. Super Mario World
    6. Zelda: A Link to the Past
    7. Halo: Combat Evolved
    8. Final Fantasy XII
    9. Tetris
    10. Super Metroid
    11. Yoshi's Island
    12. GTA: Vice City
    13. Ico
    14. Super Mario Kart
    15. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
    16. Street Fighter Anniversary
    17. Goldeneye 007
    18. Final Fantasy VII
    19. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    20. Civilzation IV
    21. Okami
    22. World of Warcraft
    23. Metroid Prime
    24. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    25. Simcity 2000
    26. Advance Wars
    27. Rez
    28. Perfect Dark
    29. Deus Ex
    30. Shadow of the Colossus
    31. Katamari Damacy
    32. Project Gotham Racing 2
    33. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    34. R-Type Final
    35. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
    36. Battlefield 2
    37. Starcraft
    38. Virtua Fighter 5
    39. Secret of Mana
    40. Warioware, Inc: Minigame Mania
    41. Gran Turismo 4
    42. Rome: Total War
    43. Bomberman
    44. Super Monkey Ball
    45. Company of Heroes
    46. Quake III
    47. Far Cry
    48. Puyo Pop Fever
    49. Animal Crossing
    50. Shenmue
    51. Pokemon: Ruby/Sapphire
    52. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
    53. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
    54. Chrono Trigger
    55. Counter-Strike
    56. Guitar Hero
    57. Soul Caliber
    58. Tempest 2000
    59. Star Fox 64
    60. Pac-Man Vs
    61. Manhunt
    62. Jet Set Radio Future
    63. Lumines
    64. System Shock 2
    65. Darwinia
    66. F-Zero GX
    67. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
    68. GTR - FIA GT Racing Game 2
    69. Pilotwings 64
    70. Ridge Racer 2
    71. Ninja Gaiden Black
    72. Killer7
    73. Puzzle Bobble
    74. Thief: The Dark Project
    75. Burnout 2: Point of Impact
    76. Ikaruga
    77. Football Manager 2007
    78. Doom 2: Hell on Earth
    79. The Secret of Monkey Island
    80. Virtua Tennis 3
    81. Robotron 2084
    82. Lemmings
    83. Nights Into Dreams
    84. Phantasy Star Online
    85. Silent Hill 2
    86. Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
    87. Mr Driller
    88. Sega Rally Championship
    89. Tomb Raider
    90. Devil May Cry
    91. Super Smash Bros Melee
    92. Resident Evil
    93. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    94. Gitaroo Man
    95. God of War
    96. Wipeout
    97. Tekken 3
    98. Sensible Soccer
    99. Psychonauts
    100. Crackdown
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    Christ. XII was real and Smash Bros at 91. OK list broke.
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    No Sonic? Low SSBM? Only Metal Gear Solid 2, when 1 and 3 were both far superior. FFXII in the top 10? Awful list (though they did get #1 right, at least).
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    Bugger! You're right! Your post was the first to say Sonic. :eek:

    No Doom 1. R-Type Final and no 1-3?!?! Resident Evil 1 so low down? No Dawn of Sorrow?
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    The list is pretty bad. :confused:

    I really laughed at Manhunt, #61. Maybe Manhunt 2 will actually get released sometime....:rolleyes:
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    The introduction to the magazine

    Maybe, this will help clear up some of the selections? (Or make the decisions more baffling?)

    I am also surprised at the omission of a 2D Sonic game.

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