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    i have an early mbp 2.66 ghz. all my music is ripped to lossless. how do i output it in dd 5.1 surround. right now i just use the audio out jack but soon im going to output to my apple tv once i buy an optical cable :) ive searched and dont understand.
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    If you are buying the latest AppleTV you will stream your music from your Mac to it. And if you are getting the old AppleTV you have to either transfer your content to its HDD, or share the iTunes library.

    From your Mac the audio goes out the audio jack. And form the AppleTv the audio out is either via the HDMI port or the optical audio out.

    What is not clear is what your question is?
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    sorry, my dad has a home theater and my itunes library has all my music ripped to lossless. right now i output it via the headphone jack to the home theater. my dad is going to buy an apple tv soon.

    how do i output the lossless songs in dd 5.1 to the home theater using the apple tv.

    i know i cant do it using the headphone jack because thats stereo not surround but i know i can using the apple tv i just dont know how.
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    What Mac Model do you currently have? Many of the Macs can output dolby surround via their audio output jack. Just plug in a toslink optical cable or a typical optical cable with an adapter to make fit in.


    I am sure that Macs do playback the dolby surround sound from a DVD using the DVD player and you can get the dolby surround audio via the toslink/optical audio out.

    I am not sure about iTunes. Other MR members can help with that.

    The music that you have in loseless is also in dolby surround?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but most of the music is recorded in stereo, some were in Quadraphonic, and a very few SuperAudio CD actually play very well in a surround sound home theater.
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    they are all lossless and all the channels say stereo. eventually it will be sent to Apple TV so i will have optical going to the receiver to the speakers. i just dont know if the actual songs are set to 5.1. sorry if sound stupid, im not good with the whole music encoding stuff. i just know lossless is expanded uncompressed and sounds a lot better on the home theater :) my dad told me today he wanted to make a home media center and wanted to know if there was a way to play songs in 5.1 and i really didnt know so i asked here after i searched around
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    Cave Man

    There are no music formats that are encoded in 5.1 digital audio. There were a few Super Audio CDs (SA-CD) released (such as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon) that had 4 channels, but those required special playback devices and were not encoded with Dolby Digital. There are some CDs that are recorded in Q-Sound (such as Madonna's Immaculate Collection) that, IIRC, is a variant of Dolby Pro Logic (two channel matrixed to four channels) and those give a bit more dimension to the audio. But I have no experience with those.
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    if you ripped a song from a CD, it's been mixed in stereo, and will never be 5.1.

    if you want it in surround, there are modes on the home theatre that will take a stereo signal and pick parts of it to come out of the surround and center speakers, but i find them to be more annoying than anything. With just a stereo source going in, the sub (or the .1 if you will) will still be used, with the amplifier sending the low frequencies there even if you're not playing in simulated surround.

    There are songs that are mixed in 5.1, these are normally released in DTS format (you'll see DTS-CD) but you would have had to know this when you bought it. and they won't work unless you have a DTS decoder, if you don't all you hear is static. These won't rip using the normal things (like iTunes) as they don't understand DTS.

    as far as using lossless, for most users, a high bitrate VBR MP3 (most of my stuff is around 250-300, or 320 for constant rate rips) is just as good to most ears, and will take up a lot less room. and unless you're going SUPER high end home theatre, you'll never notice the difference.
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    Cave Man

    This is the first I've heard of these. Can they be moved over to a Mac for playback in an app that can passthrough DTS, such as Plex?
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    ok, thats what i thought it had to recorded in 5.1 but i wanted to make sure.

    one last question (sorry about all of them, i just want to get it right for him)

    i ripped all my dvds to an external hard drive using handbrake for my dad. if he wants to play them through the apple tv to the home theater using optical what setting under audio in handbrake should i use for 5.1. right now they are all mp4 files played in quicktime x and the audio in handbrake is aac (coreaudio). should it be passthru instead? thanks for all your help everyone!!!! i really appreciate it :)
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    If you have ripped your CDs in the Apple Lossless format (ALAC), AIFF, or WAV, then the Apple TV supports that and your rips will play losslessly. But CDs are not encoded with surround sound. They are encoded in stereo. So it would be impossible to get true surround sound out of a CD rip when the CD never had it to begin with.

    If you receiver supports Dolby Pro Logic, it will take that stereo sound and basically manufacture the surround sound effect. But as someone mentioned earlier that is not all that desirable for music in my opinion.

    If you have your Apple TV connected to your receiver using either HDMI or optical, yes you will get the full uncompressed rips stored in iTunes on your computer once you turn on Home Sharing.
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    I'm not sure, i have a couple DTS-CDs that have been in a box for a while, never really tried to do anything with them recently. I do have some files from a friend that i can play back in VLC, haven't tried them in plex, they have a .dts extension.
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    bump, i asked this above. i just need to know before i rip any more dvd's. sorry for reposting.

    i ripped all my dvds to an external hard drive using handbrake for my dad. if he wants to play them through the apple tv to the home theater using optical what setting under audio in handbrake should i use for 5.1. right now they are all mp4 files played in quicktime x and the audio in handbrake is aac (coreaudio). should it be passthru instead? thanks for all your help everyone!!!! i really appreciate it :)
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    Well, you can encode DTS files as wav files, which still work as Apple Lossless, but I don't think that's what you have there...

    Something like this:


    In which case, any optical connection (Apple TV, Airport Express, mini optical into computer's headphone jack) will work.

    Wait, Handbrake, did you rip a 5.1 audio DVD? Handbrake should have a 5.1 option... Really confused here, though...
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    sorry, im not talking about music anymore. now my dad wants to know about dvds.

    i ripped some movies in handbrake and store them on my external whch is then streamed to the apple tv 2 using itunes. my movies are all mp4. i just realized today i never set the audio to 5.1. so i went back today to check the presets but it doesnt give me 5.1 option. for the codec it gives me is AAC (coreaudio), AAC (faac), mp3 (lame), or AC3. for the mixdown it says stereo or mono. All the dvds are 5.1 surround though when played in the dvd player. i just dont know how to set it to rip 5.1 in the handbrake settings.
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    You should use AC3 for 5.1 surround sound and also include an AAC track for stereo. If you are ripping for the new Apple TV then get the latest version of Handbrake and use the ATV2 preset. It should default the audio to the right selections for you I believe.
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    well i just use high quality preset because sometimes i watch on my laptop and not on the Apple tv. it works though when being played through the Apple tv.
    so now it says english (AAC)5.1 codec-ac3 mixdown dolby surround. then under AAC (coreaudio) with a stereo mixdown.

    sounds good. thanks for everyones help!!! my dad and I really appreciate it :)

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