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Editing songs with iTunes?

Discussion in 'Daily Tunes Site Discussion and Feedback' started by kshe95, Jan 22, 2004.

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    I've been putting together some mix cds with iTunes, and I was hoping
    someone could help me get around an annoying detail. You know those
    songs, usually at the end of a cd, that are 15 minutes long but contain
    perhaps 8 minutes of silence in between the song proper and a "hidden
    track"? I'd like to burn one of these songs on to a mix, but would rather
    edit it into a 4 minute song and not a 15 minute annoyance.

    Any ideas, suggestions? Can this be done with iTunes?

    Thanks very much.
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    you can do this very easily in iTunes.

    hit apple I and go to options where you can determine the precise endpoint and start point of any song.
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    thanks a lot.
    I'm at work at present, so I can't try it out 'til later. Thanks for the help.
  4. DJY
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    iTUNES allows you to nominate start and stop times...
    but unfortunately it doesn't allow you to edit the files!

    I have a few of these as well - sometimes up to 24 mins long... now I would like to be able to edit the file - and reduce the size of the file down to the actual song size... rather than these HUGE files...

    mmmm must look for software that will allow me to do this.
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    Quicktime PRO will do that nicely.
    Or you could try a demo of AMADEUS II, which lets you do all sorts of neat things, like fade-in and -out, remove hiss... Handy for taking excerpts of very long songs to fit onto a compilation CD. Or slicing up the "bonus tracks" from a 15 minute song.
  6. DJY
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    Mmm QuickTime Pro.... being a Windows user hadn't thought of upgrading that.... as I thought it was really only a movie editor.... mmmmm $AUD60 ish.

    Amadeus II? Mmmm not familiar with that one... I have searched around a few times trying to find something that will edit AAC to no avail... might try and find some info on Amadeus II and Quick Time Pro.

    thanks mate
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    once you set up the track to the time you want, you can just click "convert song to mp3" or aac or whatever. even if its already in that format, it'll just make a new file that starts and stops at the spots you chose without keeping the stuff you don't want. i've recorded a bunch of tracks of me rambling on the guitar, this comes in handy when i wanna pick out something nice. It also lets you break the track into several other tracks, instead of just one.

    One fun little example of things you can do with itunes and this other free app by ambrosia called wire tap which simply records whatever audio is playing through your speakers.
    i recorded the interesting comment "your head asplode" off of a great homestarrunner.com cartoon using wiretap. that gave me an aiff file which i added to itunes. Then i took one of the sound files out of my tony hawk 2 demo, headsmackb.wav and added that too itunes as well. Then i played both in succession, recording again with wiretap (apparently you can't join two tracks unless they're on a cd together). This gave me a new aiff file. I popped that into itunes, trimmed it down to the right start and stop times and converted that to a wav file by changing my import preferences in itunes and choosing "convert selection to wav" under the advanced menu. Then i took that file, renamed it headsmackb.wav and put it into the game data folder. Now i've got a touch of strongbad in my tony hawk demo.

    If you don't know who homestarrunner or strongbad are, check out homestarrunner.com and look for strongbad emails at the bottom.
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    thx jeffy, i'd always had to go through the hassle of opening up the song in qt to make a new one. this should be a time saver.

    Also, you can use iMovie to join audio files. When you're done just export and open the saved file in QT, remove the video file, and save as an mp3.
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    You CAN edit songs with iTunes!

    IF you are importing songs from a CD, just make sure to do the: Apple Key & "i" / options / set start & stop times BEFORE importing the song. It will import only the section you selected. :)
  10. DJY
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    I am a PC user...

    I ended up using QuickTime Pro... then just dragged the file back into iTUNES!
    All worked a treat.

    I wasn't aware of the convert option in iTUNES would only convert the start / stop zone... might have to try that sometime.

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