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educational discount...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by tazo, Jul 22, 2003.

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    for the educational discount if a teacher were to try and get the discount do they have to use it in the state they teach in?
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    i'm confused...

    do you mean at an apple store, or the apple educational onlinestore?
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    another education discount question....

    Do resellers respect the edu discount or can you only get it from Apple stores and such?


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    Re: another education discount question....

    i believe it must be online... ie, not even apple retail stores.

    and i don't think resellers really do it.
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    no you can go in an Apple store (only an apple store not a reseller) and get the discount but i think you have ot fill out forms and things
  6. pEZ
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    As a student who has used the discount at an Apple Store, you just have to show your ID and Driver's License - the same exact process for my mom, who is an educator at an elementary school district.
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    How do you order under the student discount online?

    I know for the developer discount you need a student ID, but the educational discount applies to students who are enrolled but not currently attending a college (freshmen w/ no ID yet).
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    student discount doens't really require an ID, goto the onlien store and in the right column you will see and education button, click that find your school and use away.....you should have a problem but depending on your school the university store may have an even better discount
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    Re: educational discount...

    If you get the discount as a teacher and you order online they have to ship it to your school. I don't know if the discount is available in the brick and mortar stores. I highly doubt the resellers have the discount.
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    Re: Re: educational discount...

    This isn't exactly right. If you are a teacher you can make personal purchases and get an educational discount. They will ship those purchases to your home. I'm not sure how purchases through the school district work since my district uses PC's. :( I've only made personal purchases using the educational discount.
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    Re: Re: Re: educational discount...

    You've actually done it like that? How do you do it? I actually paid $30 more for my iPod to avoid having it sent to my school--I may never have gotten it if I did.
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    thx all. i think i get it now :)
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    Re: educational discount...

    I know you can do this because I have just ordered my new laptop this way and I ordered the iMac that I'm using right now this way a couple of years ago. The iMac was sent to my home and the powerbook will be sent to my home next week.

    When you click on the education discount from the Apple Store page it will have the split screen "Shop for Yourself" or "Shop for Your School". As I said before I am shopping for myself.... not my school. I selected "Shop for Yourself", found my school from the list and then it takes me to an Apple Store page with the discounts.

    Is this different than how you did it? Basically Apple knows I'm a teacher at my particular school and they are giving me a discount. It really has nothing to do with the school itself except that Apple is associating it with me as my place of employment. Does that make sense? Or at least.... that is how I think they are doing it.

    This is from their website:
    Faculty, Staff and Students purchasing from the Apple Store for Education Individuals will be allowed to purchase one each of the following per academic school year:
    PowerBook or iBook
    Power Macintosh G4 or iMac
    A maximum of two copies of any software title

    I'm not sure if you would have been able to get the iPod at a discount. Hope some of this helps.
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    Yeah, that's how I do it--but when I complete the order it doesn't ask for shipping info. It just says it'll be shipped to the school listed when entering the store. How do you get it home?

    Everything in the store is available with a discount, but they limit purchase of some items.
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    I'm all out of ideas, because I don't think I do anything special to get it sent to my house. As far as I know I just fill it out with my home address. That is the address of my Apple ID. I wish I could help you more. I have no clue why it would be different.
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    ok my mom's a teacher and i'm a colele studetn so I take advantage whenver I can. before I was acetped i ordered my ibook under my moms name and they shipped it here...then i ordered a copy of jag in the jag for teachers promo....they sent that directly to her school same with the ilife/keynote thing directly to her school so i guess it dpends on the rules of thhe promotion

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