Educational Pricing for Panther 5-pack?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by simX, Oct 8, 2003.

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    Does anyone know if you can get educational pricing for the 5-pack family version of Panther? It seems to be listed in the software section in the normal Apple online store, but not in the educational version.

    I suppose they probably don't offer educational pricing for the 5-pack, but I just wanted to check.
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    I think they figure that 200 for 5 copies is so cheap anyways that they just don't make educational pricing for it.

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    Or they know that 5 copies does not fall under education pricing. It's for the student, not the family.
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    OK, how about another question: do Apple retail stores sell the Panther 5-pack? If so, then I might as well get it at the Panther Party at the Palo Alto Apple Store, rather than pre-ordering it. That would be more fun, too. :)
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    Phil Of Mac

    What if I'm a college student buying Panther for me and the rest of my family back home? :(
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    You all have to be under the same roof. Students away from home are specifically excluded.
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    Phil Of Mac

    What if I'm a college student living at home? There must be some scenario to have an education discount on the 5-pack.
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    Absolutely. A college student with 5 Macs, or a household of Mac using students.
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    Phil Of Mac

    On the same note, why doesn't Apple sell cheap 50-100 license Frat Packs?

    It was JUST an IDEA....
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    Um, I do live under the same roof. My dorm is a temporary residence -- my permanent residence is at my real home, where my parents have their computers. So I believe it's valid.
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    "Family Pack Software License Agreement allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on up to a maximum of five (5) Apple-labeled computers at a time as long as those computers are located in the same household and used by persons who occupy that same household. By "household" we mean a person or persons sharing the same housing unit such as a home, apartment, mobile home or condominium. This license does not extend to students who reside at a separate on-campus location or to business or commercial users. "

    So no, you couldn't technically do it. However, chances of getting caught are nil. I still wonder about the original question--whether there is an educator discount for the family license. You're allowed to buy for your own use so you could still use the license properly. Still, $199 for 5 computers is very reasonable.
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    baby duck monge

    if you were to buy it with a few of your school friends, that would violate the user agreement. however, there is really no way for apple to know this, and no way for them to check for this when you are making your purchase (how do they know who the other 4 licenses are going to?).
    however, since doing this goes against the user agreement, there is no educational discount (since that would seemingly encourage incorrect usage). if you did get together 4 friend, though, it would only be $40 each, and you could consider that to be a super student discount.
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    Phil Of Mac

    What about the illegitimate children I've fathered? Don't they get Panther licenses?
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    Well that's lame, then. Why does Apple specifically exclude students?
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    Not all students, just students who don't reside in the house where the license applies. I know that's your permanent address and all, but for the purposes of this agreement wherever you lay your head at night his home--and it is assumed that's also where your computer lives. Do you have roommates? Then you'd probably qualify. Or you could buy a single license for $69 and laugh at everyone who has to pay $129. What fun is being a college student if you can't be a little smug?
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    When I first noticed the lack of edu "family" pricing, I came to the same conclusion--$200 is cheap anyway, so they probably figure that's good enough. (Another legit, all-student example, by the way: 5 college students living in a sharehouse; they're all under the same roof, and all students.)

    I'm going to have to agree with the crowd that says if you're not *really* living at home (you store/use your computer there, not just use it as a mailing address), it doesn't count. Bummer, but that's the way their statement is worded.

    That said, if you're still thinking about buying the multi-pack and installing it on multiple not-so-nearby computers anyway (dormmates, for example, which I don't think would qualify), why wouldn't you just buy one licence and use that?

    Since both are technically against Apple's licencing agreements, and at least last I checked Apple doesn't do any sort of copy protection (thank God, Steve, or both), you might as well save yourself the money if you're going to be illigit anyway. That is, they're both (so far as I can see) equally illegal from a technical standpoint, except one costs less.

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