Elago P2 or Stabile... I want something to put my keyboard under

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by j-a-x, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I've got an iPad and a current generation Apple bluetooth keyboard, and I am trying to pick out an iPad stand for my desk. It doesn't need to be portable, this is going to be my desk stand/docking station/work station. In order to reduce clutter, I want something that the keyboard can slide under when not in use (already got a laptop on my desk), so the screen has to be elevated a bit and there has to be room for the keyboard under it (or partially under it).

    I like the look of the Thought Out "Stabile" stand a lot, and it seems to be by far the heaviest/most stable. However it's not cheap.

    I also like the Elago P2 stand but I hear it's a lot lighter, but also the price is right.

    Does anybody have any recommendations? Is the Stabile that much better for twice the price of the Elago P2? Does the light weight of the P2 bother anybody? Does pushing the home button cause the iPad to fall or the stand to move on the P2? (Apple really needs to let us use a bluetooth keyboard shortcut for the home button).

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'd say go with the Skadoosh.... they recently dropped the price to $69.

    I know you can't slide your keyboard under it, but it's so versatile you should still leave it as an option.

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    That thing looks cool but $69 is a bit steep for something that does what my portable stand already does except for the angle adjusting.
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    I wanted to add that in case anybody is interested, I ended up buying the Elago P2 stand and it works great. THere is just enough clearance to slide the Apple bluetooth keybopard under it when not in use. The stand is really strong and stable and well built for the price ~$30. I hear the Stabile is more stable, more heavy but it also costs twice as much ~$60, and I think the Elago P2 is good enough for me in terms of stability. You can press the home button without nocking over the stand which is very important.

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