Elgan: Why the iPhone doesn't matter

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 21, 2009.

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    that seems so idiotic to me. fancy software without solid hardware capability is worthless. they two work together. its not one or the other.
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    The 3.0 software is more fully realized on the iPhone 3GS, which is capable of implementing and integrating the compass functionality with maps, GPS, and future apps, rendering and editing video on the fly, auto focusing selectively, and system-wide voice control, not to mention Universal Access features of Zoom and Voice Over. The software and hardware are mutually interdependent in this regard, as this, in addition to the increase of processor speed, graphics engine, and the capable find/track/wipe my iPhone features, makes the iPhone 3GS a very compelling upgrade.
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    What an odd article. Elgan keeps saying that software is the most important thing but if you buy an iPhone you'll get the same great software with the same old hardware. And his point is?....

    His only valid argument seems to be that the iPhone can't multitask (yet). But I really don't miss that. And it will come. After all, this "same old hardware" that I'm using can be made into an almost new device with a software update. So Elgan has proved the reverse of his point: the iPhone's advanced software and elegant hardware are what sets it apart from the competition.
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    Title: "Why the iPhone doesn't matter"

    Synopsis: iPhone OS and Apps have revolutionized the cell phone industry, putting a greater emphasis on mobile phone software rather than hardware for the first time ever.

    Quite the disconnect there.

    Is he just trolling for hits? Or did he fail Title Writing 101?
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    generally editors choose titles not the writers
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    I hate when a title has little to do with the article. 'Why software is more important than hardware.' Should be the title, but then that wouldn't get people reading.
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    What a


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