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Elton John is King

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Panther Blue, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Elton John is the best, I mean it. Who else likes his music?

    Goodbye yellow brick road!!!!!
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    Sounds like you need to visit DailyTunes.com and add your recommendations. :)
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    Never even been there, thanks, I'll do that. is it part of "The MR Network"?
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    Indeed it is. arn's a busy guy. ;)
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    Wow there's a load of his sites. But i am not going to register there, b/c every site I go to makes me register these days. ugh.
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    It uses the same info as your MR account. No new sign-up required. :)
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    Sweet..... I'll start posting recs there later. What other sites are in the network?
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    MacBytes.com is another fairly new one, and he's had the buyersguide.macrumors.com up for a while, too.
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    I love Elton John too- but he's getting large!
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    Large is size but small in revenue.... everything is for sale!

    Sad old pooftah...

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    Best track
    "Wake up Wendy" off Chef Aid the South Park Album
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    i named my first iPod Freddie, after Freddie Mercury from Queen... when i had to have it replaced by apple due to crappy battery performance, i named the new one Elton... after you know who...


    fyi... because i felt like each of those artists covered such a wide range of music, and my tastes are pretty ecclectic...

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    Elton John was only really great when he was working heavily with Bernie Taupin. All of his 80's and 90's work is just so ridiculously awful - how anybody likes any of it is beyond me, but crappy "soft rock" radio station seem to feed off of it. Oh well, as long as there's a demand, I suppose mediocre "artists" (using that term very loosely here) like Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and modern Elton John will continue to have record contracts.

    Looking at his earlier Taupin-scribed work, however, one would barely be able to believe that he ever artistically deteriorated in the way he did. His first few albums are all good, not always great, but will always have a few truly spectacular songs on them. The apex of his career, however, is "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", a double album that was a monumental commerical success, but was also a high watermark for rock music. The album spans many different genres and styles, yet somehow holds together incredibly well. It's difficult to spot a single dull track on the entire set.
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    Well put, well stated and also my humble opinion.


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