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eMac... 17inch iMac

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Don't I get ne recondition for emailing you about the powerbooks, and emacs? Also its not a iMac a eMac not a internet machine a education machine :)

    Id like a little mention of me on the front page for my submission this was the first place I cam after the apple store came back online which was 2 mins after it did so you guys knew first, not that it went up first but hey. Thanks
  3. arn
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    heh... we got like 50 submissions of it... but indeed... you were the first... hats off. (page updated)

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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    i am totally freaked out. that thing is.... awesome? weird? i dunno. i love it!


    how much is it!?


    ok sorry for the over-reaction.

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    Students and education only......

    I might enrole in that evening class now!!!

    Actually I don't really have any use for this machine, but 1000's will have!! It really is abit of a master stroke by Apple.....

    Just need to get the iBook onto a G4 now!!! :D
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    I just checked out the Apple site and saw it. It looks pretty neat. But I wonder how many they're going to sell because most schools who want macs in their classrooms already bought the old G3 CRT iMacs. I doubt they will pony-up to upgrade so fast. Schools are notorious for dragging feet to upgrade and when they do, the technology is old already. Oh well, I commend Apple in their efforts to secure a beachhead in the education market. Now Steve, about the G5....
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    Actually, this is perfect timing with a perfect product. Schools need to plan for next year's budget and Apple (finally!) understands that we need the product now! Last time they introduced DV iMacs they made them available in October so we couldn't get any. Now, I'm buying about 120 of them to replace 4 labs of 5x00 series for our 4 elementary schools.

    Apple will sell a ton of them.
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    so rugby, will you be going with the emacs?

    if so, that's a great start!
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    way to go Apple!
    Nice strategy, listening to their buyers/feedback.
    I hope they keep up the good work.
    And listen to all feedback.
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    Dude. Calm down.

    :D :D :D
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    Re: irmongoose

    thanks. im calm now that ive talked about this to EVERY SINGLE person i could think of.... yeah im calm.

    :D :D :D

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    Here in the Uk they are £729.00 excluding vat. Only available to students and education market. Not a bad price for a G4 though. :)
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    That is a nice looking mac. It's powerful enough to appeal to college students too!

    1,249.00 with 128 mb sdram, 40 gig, 700 mhz.

    and the big one . . .

    1,516 with 512 and the same plus a cool stand

    1,805 with the stand and 1 GIG ram !!!!!!

    You could also get the flat pannel with

    1gig ram, 700 mhz, 40 gig for 2,082.00 (with the education discount)

    Too bad that the emac is only avalible for students! Many college students, etc, won't ever consider the emac because they don't know about the education program. THey won't know they CAN have it because they won't see it at compUSA. hmmmmm . . . I am not going to college for another year yet, but if I was going tommorow, that emac would be mighty tasty looking.

    I like the flat pannel, but would it be worth the extra 300 bucks? I am not sure.
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    Too bad...

    So now there's a cheap emac with 1280*960 resolution, while those who payed more for the new imac get only 1024*768.

    For those of us who are no longer students, the only way to get 1280*something is to buy an expensive tower.

    Too bad. I think Apple should address this market. There are a lot of people out there who are either into digital photography or like to read a lot of text on their web browser who want the extra resolution but don't need all the expandability and large case.
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    I like it. Its classy, but doesn't scream "KEY LIME", so it can peacefully sit in a classroom. It's also very affordable. Maybe I can convince my school that they need these instead of stupid dell pee-cee's...
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    Looks great, well done apple!!!!!!!
    just one point, are the speakers like that of the quicksliver? if so easily poked by grubby handed kids.
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    700 MHz G4 w/ 100 MHz system bus. Interesting that the processor is slower than the top of the line iMac. Makes sense.

    Looks very cool.

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    You've used this phrase before... i remember. It confused me the first time.. and its confusing me again.

    and YEAH the flat-panel is definetely worth it. CRT is sh*t compared to LCD. You gotta have it. If you can afford the extra 300, get the iMac.

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    ahh i can see it now. all the students on their eMacs, the teacher using the top of the line iMac with SuperDrive, and the network admin type person having a Dual GHZ G4 running OS X server. excuse me...brb.
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    Here's an interesting bit from the previous discussion
    We're waiting for the iMovie Theater of that one!
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    Damn Melbournians! ;)
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    Wait a minute.
    The main page says they are 999 and 1199, but the education store says 1249, and 1516. That is a huge difference. Which is it Arn? Who is right?
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    Flat screen! Awesome.... I remember when I was in school we had the old macs and it was the first computer I used. Way before any wintel machine. :D
    Leaves a mark with you using a Mac .. can only imagine having this new emac 17" Mac OS X.! Excellent...

    could it be that mac is moving to the 17" flat screen as a starting size and scratching the 15"?
    I have seen stores like compusa having discounts on the flat 15"
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    Hey guys,

    I've got a G3 500MHz white iBook -- is the speed difference noticable in the eMac (velocity engine etc.?). I'm low on cash and had my eye on the new iMac but it is just too expensive for me at the moment.

    Any advice as to what to do?
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    the pricing is different for students and if you are buying for a school

    the lower price goes for the latter. with the students paying the higher prices... though, the 999 version is not the exact same as the lowest offered 1249 version that you are seeing for students... it is missing a few things (cdrom rather than combo, and a few others i believe)

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