eMac 800Mhz - How Much???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VanMac, Oct 9, 2007.

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    Hey All.

    I have a friend who is looking to unload his eMac 800Mhz 256MB 60GB Snow.

    I'm thinking of just getting it for my kids to play around on, or stick in the kitchen area to play music and so my wife can check email, etc.

    Any idea what this is worth? Looking on eBay pegs it around $150, but any input would be appreciated.

    Also, I'm assuming these do not have wifi, but what would that take to enable....

    Thanks in advance.
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    LowEndMac says a little under $300. Probably more if it has a better optical drive.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Thanks Eidorian.

    Any input on how useful this computer would be for just email, surfing, iTunes.

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    I'd say its probably worth no more than $250 Max., but they have been known to go for a lot less as well. Price aside, they are still very capable computers, even by todays standards. I wouldnt hesitate, especially if the price is right.
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    It'll play iTunes and surf at the same time in Tiger. I've used an 800 MHz iMac to do that as well.
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    i just picked up a 1 ghz, 512 GB, 60 GB emac on ebay for $180.

    my 2 cents.
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    That was a very good deal for that CRT monster.
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    eMacs are underrated. Very sturdy machine and mine has taken a lot of abuse over the years and still continues to run well. Hell, children dumping Dr. Pepper on it a few weeks ago failed to kill it.
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    I just sold my 1 GHz eMac with Superdrive (upgraded to 768 RAM) for $400 today, if that helps.
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    yeah, i'm pretty excited.
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    Thanks for your inputs.

    It is from a friend, so I'm giving him $200 for it. I dont know what type of optical drive it has..... He's happy to get rid of it, and I'm happy to have it.

    It will be a fun little computer to put in the kitchen, or wherever. I'll likely upgrade the ram, get it onto the wireless network, and hang an external drive off it for backup, etc.
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    funny, in our company is a 700mhz g4 emac with 384 ram that get's phased out. so i'll get it for free.

    i thought about it today.

    i just don't know if it's worth the hassle. it has no wifi would need more ram and a 40GB HD is also quite small. 1GB ram would be 75 bucks already.

    can it be run with the monitor off?
    how much is a wifi card?
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    the first gen emacs only accept the original airport card (not airport extreme) which apple no longer makes. however, they can be found around the internet for around $100.
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    i think i have seen those for $65 at ebay. i wonder if it's better to buy an airport express and connect the emac to it via ethernet cable.

    i kind of want to use the emac because they just throw it away. but in order to make it useful i have to pay $100 for ram and $100 for wifi. that's expensive for a 700MHz machine.
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    I've seen the original Airport card go for around ~$50 here in the Marketplace.
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    woohoo, my 1.25 GHz emac that i bought for $250 turned out to have airport, 768 MB Ram. only thing is the 40GB HD.

    i ordered this:
    SEAST3250620A 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM 16MB W/ Perpendicular Drive Technology

    i think it should work in the emac. putting it in might be an adventure though. has anybody done that before and has advice (aside of not killing myself)?
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    I've used a 266 MHz G3 to do that as well… in OS 9. Beat that! ;)

    An eMac will be a perfectly capable machine for a number more years.
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    Same but on a 233mHz imac! ;)
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    so, my $250 emac 1.25GHz has now a 250GB HD and 1.5GB Ram. all in all it was less than $380 for mac and upgrades.

    i downloaded apples repair manual and putting in the HD was a bit scary in the beginning but not difficult at all. took about 45 min. hardest thing was putting the airport card back in because it doesn't easily slide into the connector.

    i have to say it was worth the investment. it seems the mac wasn't used a lot so i hope to get a few more years out of it. it runs tiger great. iphoto is quite fast compared to a notebook. i guess the 3,5inch 7200 rpm seagate raptor helps a lot.

    and i realize that i like the CRT more than a LCD screen.

    all in all: get those emacs if you want a cheap second mac for home/kitchen/basement/vacation home.
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    Eric Lewis

    well i sold

    emac 1.ghz 60gig drive 512mb ram tiger

    for 250 on ebay...then got 50for shipping in cnd funds..so like 200
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    Not to burst anyones bubble but rather to be informative be aware of the following. The 1 and 1.25 GHz eMacs were involved in a very large defective parts problem. Capacitors in the computer industry at the time of manufacture of these models are known to swell and cause the eMac to completely fail in some cases or exhibit video anomalies in other cases. The good news for some is that Apple has a repair extension program in place for this if your eMac qualifies:


    Where I work we have a fleet of eMacs and many of them have exhibited this issue.

    As cheap as the eMac can be had this might be a negligible risk but prospective owners should know about this before purchasing.

    With all that said I have used a 700 MHz eMac with 256MB RAM and it is perfectly functional but a bit slow opening apps and accessing menus within apps. More RAM would probably solve all of these minor quibbles.

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