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eMac and Quicktime 6

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Quicktime 6 preview is now available from Apple.

    And as predicted, the eMac is now available in retail stores.
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    This is a very good move for Apple, the eMac is now the Cube, We have eMac, iMac, then Powerbook. QT 6 is sweet I have been beta testingit and it is awesom, I am happy to see the eMac is not open too all markets, well done Apple, hope to get oen this summer!
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    Sun Baked

    The consumer eMac with a CD-RW, modem, and Appleworks.

    Sounds like a little bit better bargain than the grey market education eMac.

    Even if it'll mean tossing in a few extra $20s for the consumer grade version.
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    well i am definitely excited about qt 6 and i'm glad there was more to it than just the emac...

    i'm looking forward to broadcasting! ha...
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    While I love the design of the new iMac, the eMac is a far more practical machine. That 17" aperture-grille CRT really is a better place to be than the 15" LCD.

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    huh, coulda dooled me on this one. I guess it makes since, and it is a cool machine. Persoanally I think its kind of ugly, but what do I know.

    Has there been a lot of demand for eMac outside of education? I just don't know, out of the acedemic loop these days:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, you'll have to wait, its not compatible with iMovie or FCP. We'll have to wait for the official release before we can start to actually use it.
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    oh, spoke to sson, the price point is perfect, just what apple needs, and affordable G4, real affordable, could this spell the end of old iMac sales?

    QT 6 looks hot, but I can't use it. Why must apple do everything during work hours. I suppose this will be the contect of the speech today. Assuming the speech hasn't happened, given that its only six thirty in CA

    Anyone know the time?
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    Goodbye to my x86 box...

    Well, I'm looking forward to getting a new eMac, but more importantly, I can't wait to take a sledgehammer to that PC...

    Well done apple!!!
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    Very well done, apple! However, I would have liked to see a combo drive as an option - the education store has one . . . Oh well.
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    Simply excellent move

    If Apple wants to double their marketshare - this is certainly one hell of a way to do it. The software package that comes with it is also very nice (notes Quicken). Apple Works is still pretty weak - wish their would just add some bodies to OpenOffice and go from there.

    Will also be an interesting and potentially confusing shopping trip for consumers with the price point of the iMac and the eMac so close - so I'm kinda confused about that part.... will be interesting to see how they play it, because its not as cut and dry as iMac == low end consumer and PowerMac G4 == high end/professional. But I'm glad the y finally have a machine at the 'right price point'. Hopefully they will push out the old stock at $599 to compete with the trash from eMachines, Dell, and Gateway at the same pricepoint.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Goodbye to my x86 box...

    Well, if you do destroy a PC, do something more dramatic and video tape it.

    Wrap it in lunch meats and feed it to some Crocs, drop it from a plane without a parachute, build a trebuchet and see how far you can launch it.....
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    The end of the old iMac?

    Great news Apple! Could this mean the end of the old CRT iMac? The Apple Store still list the old iMac.

    BTW! Isn't it nice to see all the new signs at the Apple Store? :) :D
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    Re: Re: Goodbye to my x86 box...

    you REALLY sound like you're speaking from experience.

    as for the emac, i don't think it's all that ugly. not as nice as the imac, but still.... it's for a different group.

    good move overall. and i will have to see how well the qt preview is going. i have some fcp work to do so i may end up going back to 5... for now.
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    umm.. am I the only one who is having problems downloading the Quicktime 6?? I've tried with IE, OmniWeb, Chimera.. no luck.. it just says reading document from akamai.256.blahblah and it never starts the download!!

    anyone care to put the installer up on their iDisk or something?? That would really help! Thanks so much!

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    wow, less than £1000 and it's got an audio input too!

    If there was anything other than the Mbox that could hook up to it and let me use protools LE, i'd snap up one of those in a second if I had the cash right now. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than buying the LCD iMac to me, larger, higher resolution screen, audio input, dirt cheap. If it didn't have a 100Mhz advantage, PCI slots, expansions bays and an AGP slot, the entry level G4 wouldn't be worth anything to anyone now the eMac's available to everyone!
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    has anyone tried the broadcaster successfully?

    i open it up and all the audio and video area is grayed out.... so i can't select a file or anything....

    anyone have any idea what's up? thanks
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    installer up on iDisk

    I didn't have any trouble downloading but I put qt6installer in my iDisk public folder for the person that asked. iTools member name is oogje.

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    Re: installer up on iDisk

    Thanks so much! I still can't figure out why I can't downlaod it... weird.

    Again, thanks! :D :D :D :D

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    I think this is the end of the 15in CRT iMac, unless they strip it to a really low price model for $600, it looks like the end.
    Possible config for a $600 iMac
    600mhz G3
    30gb HD
    128mb ram
    2 fire wire
    I don't know if this is realistic.
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    Some rather basic questions I have not seen addressed:

    Quicktime 6:

    Where is my Quicktime 5 Pro Key? I think it might be in Get Info for qt5pro. Apparently the key it will work with the 6 preview to open pro functionality.

    Why exactly is this a public beta rather than a final release? Merely because the licensing is still up in the air? Is this a political move to get MPEGLA to get off the pot? Is it merely because they are unsure what to charge for a pro key? Or are there actual bugs and feature sets yet to be finalized?


    Does it still have the audio in jack, or has this been abandoned in favor of a modem (I know several musicians that would snap one up if the audio in was still there). What other changes are there compared to the education models?

    eMac commentary:

    What did TiMaclover mean by "I am happy to see the eMac is not open too all markets"? Does its release to "everyone else" mean they did not receive enough educational sales? The other comment on "Doubling their marketshare..." Come on!.. Maybe if that reflected that all the 15 inch iMacs would be placed at the 600 dollar mark wintel heavily pushes, that may help a bit...
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    New Audio Compression & iPod

    Hey folks...

    Does anyone know if the new audio compression format might be compatible with iPod (assuming some software update), or is there hardware necessary for playback preventing this?

    Just wondering
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    It will be interesting to see what happens now on the emac front. I seriously doubt they want to see the emac upstage the imac is sales.

    As for QT6 I have to say it peeves me off a bit to hear Apple claim that they've been holding off on distributing it due to the licensing issues months ago and now it's released as a preview release?!?! It's becoming more and more obvoius that Jobs was bluffing to try and put pressure on the whole mpeg-4 licensing issues.

    I wonder when we'll see an aMac, oMac, and uMac. What I would like to see though is an sMac pronounced "smack" and they could advertise it as putting the sMac down on a PC. ;)
  24. jg3
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    I just want to say that back a day or two before the XServe was introduced, I predicted that this would happen. :) I'm so modest, no? Everyone was talking about how this would finally be the time when Apple would pull out their server iron, and I figured it would be silly to make that kind of push into the business world without having cheap workstations available for all the desk jockeys to use - and the new iMac is not cheap enough to fill that position. Therefore, I figured, Apple would make the eMac available to some wider audience, either for just businesses, or consumers at large. Watch for Jack of As the Apple Turns to possibly reference my email I wrote him about all this (I hope.. please?).

    Yay for Apple, yay for the eMac!
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    I have qt 6 sitting right here next to me now, but i dont really have anything to try (mpeg4) to see the real benefits and all that, its just exactly the same... does anyone know anywhere i can try out it's new capabilities?


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