eMac Cd-CDRW-DVD problems (Philips CDD5101)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by legarem, Dec 2, 2005.

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    I got an eMac from my main office last week

    In the office, there is 3 eMac. Nobody tried the DVD rom in these computers (bought new) until I tried them. These eMacs can't read DVD and it seems that they can't burn CDs. The CD-CDRW-DVD in these eMacs are Philips CDD5101

    I heard about firmware updates with this philips. I also read about these problems with many eMacs.

    Nobody is talking about solutions to get this damn DVD work. The 3 emac's DVD can't be broken together !!! Something is wrong with these

    What's the problem ? They read Cds easily. I have OS x 10.4.3. Other eMacs are eqquipped with OS 9.2

    Thanks a lot

    Marc Legare
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    mad jew

    Early eMacs came with CD drives. As in, the drive will read CDs, and that is it. :(

    Remember, these things were meant for the education market where being able to burn disks isn't necessarily a good thing, especially if it cost more. Go to the System Profiler and select Disk Burning to verify what I'm saying. Unfortunately there's no way to patch a CD drive into being able to read or burn DVDs. Sorry. :eek:
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    Philips CDD5101 is supposed to read DVD and burn CD

    This what I found with google search
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    mad jew

    What did System Profiler say about it? :)
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    Here it is

    Here is the system profiler (in French) with english translation

    PHILIPS CDD5101 :

    Révision du programme interne : A4.2
    Program revision : A4.2
    Interconnexion : ATAPI
    interconnexion : ATAPI
    Gestion de la gravure : Oui (livraison/gestion par Apple)
    Burning gestion : Yes (come with apple gestion)
    Cache : 8192 Ko
    cache : 8192 Ko
    Lecture de DVD : Oui
    DVD : yes
    CD gravables : -R, -RW
    CD burning : R, Rw
    Protection contre la
    sous-alimentation de la
    mémoire tampon durant la
    gravure de CD : Oui
    Protection against low memory... during Cd burning: Yes
    Stratégies d’écriture : CD-TAO, CD-Raw
    Writing strategies: CD-TAO, CD-Raw
    Données : Non

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    mad jew

    Okay, well as difficult as it seems, maybe try resetting the PMU. I couldn't find a good link for eMacs other than this one that outlines how to change the internal battery. A PMU reset is in the process (Step 6) but follow some of the other steps too.

    Good luck. :)

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    Still having this problem after P RAM resetting

    I tried to reset the P RAM and it didn't work

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Error code when trying to burn with tast 6

    With this damn CDRW

    I have this error when I try to burn a CD

    Sense Key = Hardware Error
    Sense Code = 0x44, 0xFD


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