eMac crashes to the floor.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacMaelstrom, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Last period at school today, about 20 minutes ago, I was waiting for my printout to finish, and the girl behind me in line sits on the table that contains a 1 GHz eMac, Superdrive, 1 GB ram, 80 GB Hard disk... the works... we have a whole lab of these, but this is the teacher one... well, the front two legs of the table bend in and the emac crashes onto the floor. the floor is cement with that cheap industrial carpet on it that really isn't much of a carpet. Since I'm the usual tech person who helps the teacher solve problems I help the teacher fold the legs back out and put the Mac back on it. *THESE THINGS HEAVY!!!!* after the macs back on the desk I sit down at it as the teacher and mainly the girl hold their breath. (She apparantly didn't like the idea of paying about $2500 if it didn't work) Well, I press the power button and whadda ya know.. Apple logo with the spinning circle... Booting into Mac OS X.... Now THAT's a quality computer!

    I really dont' know how the casing didn't crack when it fell, how the CRT didn't implode none the less. This happened in 3rd grade tho with a lime iMac... It flipped about 3 times and still had the keyboard attatched to it, but the Apple and Contorl keys on the left along with the caps lock were knocked off. it was less fortunate tho... When the teacher hooked it up and tried to turn it back on... it came on, chimed, and the light turned amber and then went off. when she got it back out of service she told me that the processer daughtercard had come off somehow, and that was it. Amazing how these computers can take a beating like that.

    Makes me wanna flip my Presario tower and 19" CRT (75 lbs. for the display) backwards off my desk and see what happens...
    who knows... maybe I will. :rolleyes:
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    damn right, macs are solid and sturdy :) my ibook hit the tiled floor and not even a scratch on it, go bless'em :cool:
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    that's a good story. i heard somewhere about the eMac and the same plastic used in bulletproof glass :eek:
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    Yes the cover is made up bullet resitant plastic but the inards, are not, so rolling around inside would be rather hellish.
    Your lucky!
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    <from apple.com/emac>
    ...which makes it ideal for limited desk space in the classroom or at home. And its body is made of polycarbonate plastic, the same material used to manufacture bulletproof glass.
    </from apple.com/emac>

    yep, you're right...

    that's a pretty amazing story...
    wonder how the legs just "bent?"
    :) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek:

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    Hard to expalin. It's a cheap folding table.... Kinda reminds me from of a excerpt from a apple IIe manuel

    "Place the computer on a study surface. (No flimsy tables, please!)"
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    If you ever tried smashing older macs and pc's the pc's innards break more easily than the macs. Macs are sturdier and well better
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    yeah, with one or two exceptions i've always been amazed at the durability. the exceptions are my iMac handle which is going to pop out one of these times, i have to carry it with my hand underneath; and my powerbook 3400 lost an entire rear foot mechanism... which would have been OK but it sits on those, even with the legs closed, so it was lopsided after that :( ah well...

    i remember at a symposium i was at, they had eMates when they were demoing them, the guys were dropping them from 6 feet onto a hardwood floor, laughing. things didn't flinch, they were running at the time! impressive...

    Apple has put a great deal of time into the materials that the computers are made with...

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    That's impressive. Apple made the eMac for education, so I guess they figured they might take a beating. They might want to get a stronger table, though.:)
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    That really is impressive. I guess they made it extra sturdy for educational market and rowdy students.
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    Re: eMac crashes to the floor.


    Try to capture the act on film!
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    reminds me of the pc bashing back from one of the old cd's in macaddict mag... it was sweet. for those of you who haven't seen it, they took several pc's and just beat the crap out of them with bats, droping them from ladders, etc.

    good times.

    but yeah, on topic, there are some sturdy macs out there...

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    lol. i dont remember that. that would have been fun to do!:p
    was it a movie or something like that? i'd love to see it:)
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    yeah - it was a movie. when i get home, i'll have to get you the name and maybe the creation date for it (dont' remember off hand which cd it came off of, but if i could get the date, you could prolly figure it out).

    it was pretty great...

    my favorite line?

    'clearly, that's intel outside' (after whackin the pentium with a bat and sending it across the parking lot)

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    lol. thanks mkaake.
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    i dropped a powermac MDD not too long ago. I tripped and fell with the unit, it bounced off the floor (springy plastic handles) and hit me in the head as i was falling onto it. There was not a scratch on it, and it worked perfectly.

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    Your head on the other hand... :D
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    hahahahahahahahaha, I didn't know they were that strong. Now if my G3 MiniTower (not so mini ;)) hit you on the head you would be passed out for a couple hours :p

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    a 40 lbs. iMac would hurt:)

    Lime iBook, why do you have a powerbook for your avatar? isn't it an oxymoron?
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    I have a powerbook, I just got it. 12'' 867mhz, 40mb HD, 640mb RAM, SuperDrive, Airport Extreme, my brothe rhas my LimeiBook. If I changed all my screen names and usernames I would be too damn confused :p
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    lol. ok. i just wanted to clear that up:p
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    incredibly impressive.
    i once had a compaq laptop that fell about 3 feet onto a wood floor.
    the laptop was open at the time and it was litterally demolished.
    that was the last windows system i have owned. sometimes i think i should thank my girlfriend for ruining my 2500 US laptop.
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    Same with mine :D especially once I get another HD or two in that bad boy. already have a total of 180GB. :)
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    I have a 200gb and a 80gb in my G3 Minitower 333mhz, USB, FireWire, DVD-ROM (no decoder card) A/V in hee hee :p

    (*The 200ggb HD is actualy like 127gb, I need an ATA card that I am hoping to get for Christmas)

    :rolleyes: :cool: :D
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    Well, mine'll beat the pants off yours in tests, except disk space. Here are some basic specs: 400MHz G3 (from a B&W), 640MB RAM. Radeon 7000 Mac edition, Combo drive from Toshiba (no hacked drivers even!) one 120GB HD and one 60GB HD, FW/USB (I really want a Tempo Trio). Yeah, heavy stuff. But my CRT for it is even heavier, a 17" ugh... Compaq. Don't worry though, I covered up the Compaq logo with "warranty void if removed" stickers from a dead HD.

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