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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dllavaneras, Jan 21, 2007.

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    I propped up my eMac on a stand yesterday, and I went :eek: when I saw the ammount of dust collected on the back, near the fan. I cleaned it out, but I'd like to minimize this dust collecting in the future. Any tips?
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    I doubt there is much you can do without interupting the ventilation of the computer. I suggest you just leave it be and give it an occasional clean up.
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    Thanks. I'm hoping since it's on a stand now, dust won't be so much of a problem on the underside
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    I went through the same shock with my old eMac...and putting it up on the plastic stand apple makes for it took care of 80% of the dust build-up. That machine lasted a long, long time, under heavy use, with no problems.

    Oh, and you probably know this, but just in case: don't try to clean it by putting a vacuum up to it:) .
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    :eek: I hope that's not experience talking... I used Qtips to clean it out :)
    And thanks for reassuring me of propping it up on the stand!
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    Every computer is a dirt vacuum, I'm afraid. I just open up the case and blow mine out every six months or so, although I don't with my laptops because of the difficulty of getting them apart and then put back together again.
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    Believe it or not, I actually blow my rigs out with my leaf blower on the lowest setting and I've never had a problem.
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    I just use my semi-portable compressor with the nozzle attachment. I wear a dust mask though because it only takes a couple blasts to send all the dirt into a swirling cloud.
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    At work since we have 100 or so computer, we used compressed air. It comes in a canister just like a wd40 can but it only shoots air. Works very well can get it in strange spots. Works great we buy those in flats! :)
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    Thanks for the replies, although I'm not sure of the compressed air idea since I'm allergic to dust, and with a lot of it flying around I'd have the worst case of allergies ever
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    Well you also need to watch out with a vacuum as you can't get very close to anything with chips on it. Static is large problem with vacuum all it takes is one little static charge and its toast. If you use the air i would recommend bringing the computer outside thats what we do at work as we don't want the added work of vacuuming. Or what we do with our servers when they are still on his open them up(rack mounts) then use compressed air and have a vacuum next to where we blow the air so the dust get sucked up.:D
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    Jiddick ExRex

    But isn't static with a vacuum only a problem if the tip is metal? I have vacuumed my desktop quite a lot in the past ^_^
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    well i hear even those "whisker" brushes can cause static, which alot of people use. You also have to remember the static charge does not have to be big to kill it. It doesn't even have to be visible to the human eye and you can fry your computer.

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