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emac fan noise - Installing fanmate 2

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by spanagel, May 6, 2005.

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    I have a Fanmate installed in my eMac and it works great. I'm looking at a picture of the Fanmate 2, and it looks almost identical to the old one. The fanmate should be connected like this...

    eMac --> Fanmate --> Fan

    I'm not really sure what the confusing part is? :confused:
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    Its a little unusual actually, at least on my 3rd gen eMac (1.25GHz). The fan has a male connector instead of the female connector typically found. I also had to shave some of the plastic off of the fanmate 2 to get it to hook up together. With the male and female reversed, it was working backwards. The fan adjustment would not work for me but it did reduce the speed and noise by about 50% just by having it plugged in. I decided that the noise didnt bother me that much and took it out.
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    Did you just plug in after reversing

    I did the same by reversing the plugs and shaving etc, but also changed the order of the connection of the cables as follows
    I hooked it up as follows once reversed..
    from fanmate to emac (male plug) as follows yellow to green - red to yellow - black to black.
    from fanmate to emac - Female plug to fan = white to black - red to red - black to yellow.

    Did you just shave the plugs and just plug them in?
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    Confusing part is that by following the fanmate 1 instructions, the fan wouldn't even start up?
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    Hello there!

    Today I also tried to install Fanmate 2 in my G4 eMac 1.25 GHz. I used http://www.macbidouille.com/article.php?id=123 for learning how to do that. But i wasnt successfull, because the Plugs doesnt match. Is this the Problem of Fanmate 2 or of the new eMac? Are there other Fanregulators, which match to the eMac Fan?

    Do i have to reverse the Plugs of Fanmate2? How can I do that?
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    Do what spanagel suggested and reverse the wires. You can do this by cutting the wires and stripping off a bit of the insulation then switch the wires and finish with electrical tape.
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    Tried Fanmate 2

    I was excited by the fan idea because I use my 1gig emac in a home recording studio. The quiet would be ideal for mixing sound so I bought a fanmate 2. I was able to do the reverse hookup and shaving of plastic, but apparantly the wires aren't the same colors as fanmate 1. I don't have a green wire on the fanmate. Without changing any wires, I was able to reduce fan volume by 50% like topgunn said, but I have no idea which wires to change.
    Has anyone had success with fanmate 2 by changing the wires?


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