eMac, how do you clear them off?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gunjeep444, Mar 2, 2010.

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    I got a new iMac, like to give away my eMac, how does one clear off everything safely? I do have some credit card info on it and my passwords. or should I just toss it, after using a sledge?
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    Use disk utility to wipe the disk, then reinstall OSX.

    Don't hit it with the hammer! I'll pay for you to ship it to me!
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    Exactly. Boot from the system restore disc that came with the computer (or with any OS X Install disc) and do an erase and install. You can zero the drive as well if you prefer.
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    dare to hit it with a hammer :eek:, i book the next flight and do the same to your new imac if you do ;)
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    Toss It ? Sledge Hammer? That's a nice older Mac that can make someone very happy with . Put it on CraigsList. You could get some Cash for it & make someone happy all at once. I have one. They are beautiful.
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    Okay, I'll see if I can find that disc and clear it off. Not sure I have the old OSX with Classic disc or not. Bought it from the Apple store 7 years ago, not sure they sent the discs or not, but problably did.
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    if you cant find the original discs , your neighbor or a friend might have a retail disc , one second you said 7 years old then its a 700 or 800mhz model i guess ,so osx up to panther will do the trick and if not you can always take out the harddrive , its not that difficult , then put it in a usb or firewire enclosure and wipe it with the disc utility of your imac , put it back in , sorted
    then sell it and make someone very happy
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    If you can't find the disks you can mount it via Firewire Target Disk mode and use Disk Utility to erase the drive.
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    GOt a buddy coming over to help me clear it. Giving the computer to a friend, his wife won't let him buy one, the emac should do what he wants, which is mostly email and web browsing. Thanks!

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