eMac: how far can I ram it up?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dogbone, Sep 18, 2005.

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    I have a 1.42 eMac and I have been under the impression that all the eMacs can only use 512 modules in their two slots making a total of a Gig of ram. The apple store only gives an option to ram it up to a gig and I've seen second hand ones that have been specced up but never with more than a Gig of ram.

    I remember my old G4 500 had 4 slots and was only able to use 1.5 gigs.


    I noticed a computer shop advertising a Gig of ram on a single module for an eMac and suggesting that with two of them you could ram your mac well up.

    I wrote to them an suggested that they may have made an error, but they wrote back, thanked me for my email but said that one can indeed use two of these modules and run 2 gig of memory on an emac. They said they know of many people doing this.

    My question to the gurus is: Is this right? Are there any caveats, does it depend on the video card.
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    according to Crucial.com, your eMac supports only up to 1GB RAM and 512MB modules max.
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    Crucial be Wrong

    DDR eMacs can go to 2 Gb with 2 x PC2700 DIMMs.

    Order from a reputable vendor who guarantees compatibility with your eMac and offers a lifetime warranty.

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    Here is there reply to my email

    <<<Thanks for letting us know. 2 GIG is not a problem - the Apple specs for Max. RAM are frequently incorrect. They are many clients running these eMacs on 2 GIG.>>>

    They suggest that the apple specs are incorrect but more importantly they say that "They (sic) are many clients running these eMacs on 2 GIG"

    I don't know if they are referring to specific clients of theirs or not.

    But there website looks a bit dodgy www.macrabbit.net But they have a 100% positive feedback record on ebay with over 800. So if they had buggered someone up they would surely have had at least one neg.

    Does anyone have the absolute definitive answer whether an eMac will take 2 Gigs?
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    Thanks canada.ram I cross posted.

    Would that mean that having a 512 module and a 1024 module would be OK or should they be matched.
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    Apple is wrong too.

    Are you in Oz?

    512 and 1 Gb are fine together, the only Mac in this millenium that needs paired memory is the PowerMac G5
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    yes I am in OZ CanadaRam,

    Well this is excellent news, one final question I've got a 2700 256Mb and a 3200 512Mb in my other emac so that seems OK.

    But what does this mean:

    <<<"This high grade memory exceeds all Apple specs (JEDEC) and is compatible with firmware updates (unlike PC memory)".>>>
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    This thread title is really dirty, or it could just be me :D
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    Wait. Does this mean when they come out with 2gb moduals a 4 slot powermac can have 8gbs of ram?
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    Nope, it's not just you! The first thing that came to my mind when I read the thread title was "Well, that depends where you're trying to ram it..."

    Dogbone, you worded the thread title like that on purpose, didn't you... :p
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    Nope, because the hardware memory controller on the logic board can only count up to a certain number of rows and columns on the module.

    This is a fancy-language way of saying that they know that Mac RAM requires more stringent adherence to standards than PC RAM does. That's an indication the seller knows their Mac compatibility at least...

    They are saying all the right things, so it's down to checking their business reputation. You can order RAM from NAmerica certainly, but the shipping will kill you.
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    Well I've ordered it. Pretty cheap too $200 AUD with delivery.

    When you say "PC" memory are you referring to the "PC" in "PC3200" or were you referring to the memory that Intel machines use?
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    I must confess that I did. (insert winking smiley face here)

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