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emac...monitor corners going a funny colour.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by asqy, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Fine yesterday. Switched on today. Corners of the monitor are a funny colour causing the apple logo on the left to go purple.

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    It could be that something else nearby is causing electromagnetic interference. What happens if you power it off, turn the emac 90 or 270 degrees, then turn it back on?

    Any speakers or something nearby?
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    Powered it off, unplugged from wall. Powered it back on. Seems to have fixed it.
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    Mine did this too, a few weeks ago (the day after the Applecare ran out!) I didn't move anything round it, turned it off and on again - and it was fine.
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    It probably does a degauss when it switches on, this is what clears up the purple/green you can get on CRT's from magnets etc.
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    I like the fact that some of us are still using eMacs. This one was my first OS-X based mac... still use it everyday (it's on my desk at work... typing on it right now).

    It was cheap, durable, and still works great, 3.5 years later. Nice computer.
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    Just a tip from an ex CRT engineer

    If the automatic DeGauss does not work, it is simple to fix using none other than a common or garden Power Drill. (Mains Powered).

    Simply operate the drill with the side of the drill an inch or so from the front of the screen, near the areas that you have colour problems with. The coils in the motor have the same effect as the automatic degaussing circuit, but far, far better. Just keep the fast spinning chuck at the front of the drill away from your pretty mac screen !
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    I'm still using an imac g3 on a regular basis. Its good to know that emacs are just as reliable.


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