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Emac on crack

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Kareshnaka, Jul 14, 2010.

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    I found an emac on the street, I took it home and plugged it in. It worked for about a month. then, when I turned it on it does not boot mac os. it just shows the apple symbol and a progress indicator and does not go further than that. I think the hard drive crashed. I can't re-install os x because, well, i don't have the install disks. I don't want to pay for tham either. I know there are linux OSes that can boot on an emac. any suggestions on whitch one to use?
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    Ubuntu seems to be popular.
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    I don't want to use ubuntu because power pc processors aren't supported any more.
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    There is community support and it's actually pretty stable (at least as of 9.04, haven't tried 10.04):


    Otherwise, if you want to learn a bit about custom installs, I suggest Debian with a Blackbox shell. Lightweight and fast!
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    Try yellowdog, it has PPC support.
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    That progress bar typically means it booting into safe mode. Most likely because there is something wrong with the hard drive.
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    I run 9.04 ubu on my 1.25, and it runs swell. Just a heads up though when that happened to me I ended up with a crashed hdd.
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    I am going to use debian.
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    If the harddrive took a dump, I would worry about replacing it more then which linux to install. Linux is free, so try them all I say! :p

    Yellowdog has been doing it for a very very long time so I would think their PPC support is better then some of the other ones, but who knows.

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