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eMac perform OK on Flash-based Game sites?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sigamy, Aug 30, 2007.

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    My son's G3 iMac with 8mb ATI Rage is dead slow on flash-based sites like Club Penguin. Would an eMac with it's G4 and 32mb Radeon be a good step up or is this still too old of a machine for these cutting edge web sites?

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    How much memory does each machine have installed?

    You can check by going to the :apple: menu, then About This Mac.
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    Our current iMac G3 400mhz has 576MB RAM and an 8mb ATI Rage.

    I'd get the eMac at least up to 512MB. I'm looking at either a 1Ghz or 1.25Ghz eMac.

    The 1.25Ghz is a much better machine with 512k cache, PC2700 RAM and ATI Radeon 9200 w/ 32mb. The 1Ghz eMac has just 256k cache, PC133 RAM and a Radeon 7500 w/ 32mb.

    People here have told me that Flash depends mostly on the video card, not the processor or RAM...
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    Need to bring this thread back to life...will a G4 eMac do ok with today's modern Flash based web games? By ok, I mean will the games be playable.
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    it should fly on an eMac, not a doubt in my mind. I still use most flash games sites with my imac, and at times they get choppy but the emac is a much more capable computer.
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    They should run great on an eMac. Its not much different than my iBook and flash games run fine.
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    Flash might not run well on that eMac

    Just to let you know, I have a 1.33 GHz PowerBook G4 with 768MB of Ram running 10.4 Tiger and flash videos, games, and websites are choppy on it. Every G4 Mac (both laptops and desktops) I have used has had issues with flash playback (I have not tried it on an Intel Mac yet). I think the problem is that the flash plugin that Adobe makes for the Mac is not as good as the one they make for the PC/Windows.
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    It will run most games pretty good. But i would recommend the last revision of the emac if possible so the 1.42 GHZ emac As it has a 64mb video card.
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    My younger cousins play that very thing, even convinced me to create an account, on a 1.25ghz eMac with 512mb of RAM with the ATI 32mb card. Runs great for ClubPenguin.

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