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eMac: Popping Sound Followed by No Video

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ichoosedeath, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I am experiencing issues much like stated in the following Apple Article:


    It seems to me this issue is a loose connection (or something) somewhere.. They offer to fix the issue by taking it in for repair, but I am fairly certain this Apple is out of warranty. Does anyone know how to fix the issue stated in this article?


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    It's probably not what you want to hear, but when my monitor flashed and made a popping noise, it died.
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    No, not what I was hoping to hear.. The Monitor works sometimes, sometimes the beeyotch locks up and thats the end of it..

    I will take it to the apple store if I need to, but it's located in the mall here.. That will be a pain to carry through the mall.
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    They come out to your car and get it. :)
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    Perfect!! What apple store have you been too? Buffalo/Walden? or is there one closer to Oneida?
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    Pop & Flash is definitely not a good sign when it comes to CRTs. I have no idea if it's a loose connection, though I would wonder how the connection got loose.

    It's pretty dangerous to be fiddling around inside an eMac (or bubble iMac), in my opinion. Some of those capacitors hold an extra ordinary charge and you could seriously hurt yourself. It's much safer to simply take it in and get it fixed by a professional.
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    My old man is an electrican, plus I used to fix TVs (Back when there was a market for it).. I know all about Capicators :)

    I popped it open and took a look around, nothing seemed loose, but the Apple thread made me think it was something they've known about, in some instances.. I'll probably just give em a jingle.
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    Cool. Personally, I'm deathly afraid of.. well, dying by electrocution. :)
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    That's an entirely different Thread.

    What's the worst way to die?
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    [off topic]
    (sorry, couldn't resist)


    [/off topic]
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    You are so Emo.. Go listen to some Postal Service
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    did you just call me an emu?
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    Silly guy, Emo kids will never *ever* look directly at the camera in a picture.
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    Are they capicators or incapacitators.... ;)
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    Amazing News!

    I took my eMac in for the Genious to take a peek at; he said it WAS covered! It was some analogue board, or something to that effect.. No idea, but, needless to say; I was stoked. :D

    Within the next few days it will be up for sale... If anyone wants an eMac anymore! Stay tuned!

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